How to Prepare Your Home for Thanksgiving

Nov 3, 2021

thanksgiving table setting

Hosting the perfect Thanksgiving celebration requires a lot of pre-planning. With so many details to consider, from prepping the food to organizing the guest bedrooms, preparing your home in advance will ensure it’s a fun, festive celebration for everyone. Things are going to be a little different this year, so here's our top five tips to make it your most relaxed Thanksgiving yet…

thanksgiving table

Plan your Tablescape

Taking the time to enjoy a meal together is one of the highlights of the holidays. The seating plan can make or break this treasured time, so it’s important to carefully consider where you will seat your guests and the sort of tablescape you will create.

First, ensure you have enough space to seat your guests. Will they all fit comfortably around one table? If not, how are you going to divide the party? One of the simplest ways to combat this is to create separate tables for adults and children, keeping in mind if the children are grown up enough to sit by themselves without supervision. However you split your guests, ensure, as the host, you are closest to the kitchen to keep an eye on the food and top up drinks when needed.

thanksgiving table

When it comes to the tablescape, consider the menu you have created and choose dinnerware to complement this. For informal buffets you can play with color and styles to create a fun and festive setting. Your everyday tableware is perfect for buffet dinners; the focus is on the food and not the setting so using what you have to hand is fine. To make your Thanksgiving meal different from an everyday dinner, invest in plaid tablecloths in fall colors and finish the look with scattered pumpkins and candles for centerpieces.

If you’re hosting a formal sit-down meal for Thanksgiving, it’s the perfect time to pull out your finest dinnerware and flatware. Keep it on theme with fiery fall colors such as rich golds, reds and oranges, and add a touch of luxe with ornate candle holders and napkin rings.

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thanksgiving kitchen

Prepare Your Kitchen

Prepping your kitchen in advance is key to avoiding any culinary disasters. Before the big day arrives, ensure your kitchen appliances are performing at their peak. Is your stove’s thermostat accurate? Could your microwave do with a wipe-down? Double check each appliance and make room in the refrigerator and freezer for the extra food and Thanksgiving leftovers.

To ease congestion in the kitchen during cooking, designate a specific countertop for serving food only. If you’re limited in space, consider a pop up table to use as an extra kitchen surface, this will also double as an extra space for the big clean up after the meal.

kitchen bakeware

By prepping your kitchen before holiday guests arrive you can ensure you have enough cookware, casserole dishes and utensils to cater for your party. If you find you’re short on some of the essentials, ask family and friends to bring what you need with them. Less time spent feeling stressed in the kitchen on the day means more time spent enjoying a seasonal drink with your loved ones.

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cozy bedroom

Create a Cozy Guest Bedroom

Creating a cosy guest bedroom is essential if you have overnight guests this Thanksgiving. Turning a barely-used bedroom into a tranquil retreat for family and friends is as simple as adding a couple of home comforts. Think of the things that make a house a home; a fluffy bathrobe and slippers, their favourite magazine or flickering tealights to help them relax. A small coffee maker and fine china coffee cups will be a welcome addition to the room and will also keep your guests out of the kitchen before you’re ready to serve breakfast. Simply place them on a tray with a small vase of fresh flowers to recreate the feeling of a luxury hotel break.

For the perfect finishing touches, look to silk eye masks, a heated blanket and a radio or television. To truly spoil your guests, consider the type of fragrance they like to wear or use in their own home, whether floral, spicy or fresh, investing in a room spray or fragrance diffuser in their favourite scent is a thoughtful touch that any guest will love.

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festive bathroom

Provide Bathroom Essentials

Treat overnight guests to a visit they’ll remember by creating their own luxurious bathroom space. Nothing says spa break quite like soft, fluffy, crisp white towels and complementing toiletries. A mood-enhancing scented candle sets the scene for a relaxing soak, whilst new soaps, bath oils and fluffy bath mats bring an added touch of luxury.

bathroom toiletries on sink

To avoid any Thanksgiving Day dramas ensure you are prepared with basic essentials guests may have forgotten to bring with them; toothbrushes, toothpaste and body wash. Stock up on plenty of toilet paper, hand soap and hand lotion in advance, and remember to have a backup of freshly laundered hand towels for each bathroom.

living room with fire

The Finishing Touches

Stock up on those must-have finishing touches to enjoy your coziest Thanksgiving yet. Layer plump pillows in an assortment of fall hues to add warmth to your living space, and finish the look with soft blankets and chunky knitted throws. Furry poufs and floor pillows provide much-needed extra seating and add to the cozy setting, whilst large fur rugs set in front of the fire create the perfect place to unwind after a leisurely Thanksgiving meal.