Why You Need An Outdoor Kitchen This Summer

Jun 29, 2022

outdoor kitchen

The days of wheeling a rusty barbecue from the shed and over-cooking your bangers are long gone. This year, it’s all about taking barbecuing seriously with an outdoor kitchen. What’s not to love? There’ll be everything you need, exactly where you need it. After all, al fresco eating is only half the fun. And humans were cooking outdoors long before we came inside. So get your gloves on, tongs armed and grill fired. This year (weather permitting), we’re taking everything but the kitchen sink outside.

Eva Solo

The Perfect Prep Zone

Another good thing about outdoor kitchens? They make you create a prep zone. You’ll instantly give yourself space for your cooking tools (hanging them is an even better way to save space), condiments and a cheeky cocktail. It’s also a good idea to have your serveware ready to use, that way once you’ve sizzled to perfection you can serve hungry guests straight away.

outdoor BBQ

Spending Time Together

Having everything outside means you can spend more time with your guests. So once you’ve finished sizzling, searing and grilling to perfection, it’s easy to sit and dine with your nearest and dearest. Serve up the fruits of your labor on boards and platters to encourage sharing and conversation. You’ll be sure to hear plenty of compliments.

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Outdoor dining

The Party Keeps On Going

The sun going down doesn’t need to end the party. Keep your outdoor kitchen well-lit with lighting & lanterns, this way there won’t be a curfew on your cooking. And by investing in a fire pit or outside fireplace, you and your guests can keep toasty.

Outdoor kitchen in snow

No Sun? No Problem!

Just because you’re not tropically positioned doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy cooking al fresco. Over the last few years the Scandis and other northern hemisphere inhabitants have been embracing outdoor kitchens just as much. So get over your warm-weather hang-ups and get outside. Wrap guests in cozy blankets, get the pizza oven or barbecue fired up and pour yourself a schnapps. No matter what the weather is doing, you’re sure to have the hottest hang-out spot this summer.

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