Preparing for New Year’s Eve with Maxine Brady

new years eve prep party

After a year like no other, the idea of starting afresh on 1st January 2021 is appealing. And although celebrations are set to be a little smaller, a little more intimate this year, there’s no reason you can’t ring in the New Year in style. Whether it’s going to be a long-distance Zoom party or your household gathered on the sofa, Maxine Brady from WeLoveHome has some styling ideas to make your home sparkle…

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christian lacroix stationery
Christian Lacroix

1. Send Stylish Party Invites

In year where staying in touch has been more important than ever, the charm of a hand-written invitation goes a long way. Choose some special stationery with statement designs and write a personal message you know the recipient will love. Don’t worry about feeling like you’re reliving memories of writing your childhood birthday party invitations, this personal touch will go a long way to your invitees. It’s the little things that count.

gold and green fireplace decorations
Maxine Brady

2. Go for Gold

New Year’s Eve is always about the glitz and glam. Who cares if we’re staying in this year? Go all out with metallic accessories and shiny decorations (it’s a great excuse to keep some of your favorite Christmas pieces up too).

Maxine has draped a glam golden garland across her fireplace for an instant statement and pairs with a bold vase filled with even more golden stems. Pair with festive candle holders to add a gentle glow to your display. Don’t just stop at the fireplace either, give a dark corner a dazzling make-over with a wreath and colored glasses.

cocktail preparation fornasetti tray
Maxine Brady

3. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

The secret to any successful party is the preparation. Make sure you’ve sliced those cocktail garnishes and baked the appetizers prior to your party starting. This way you’ll have more time to enjoy the evening (or partake in any virtual quizzes you’ve got planned).

gold and green fireplace decorations
Maxine Brady

4. The Ultimate Glow-Up

Create that party atmosphere by dimming the lights and enjoying the gentle glow of candles and table lamps. Use plenty of votives or tealights in festive candle holders or diffused table lamps, it’ll ensure your party has a cozy edge that’ll help everyone relax.

cocktails on trolley
Maxine Brady

5. Special Cocktails

It wouldn’t be a true party without some special cocktails on the menu. Pull out your cocktail shaker and get mixing. We’ve got plenty of cocktail recipes with a festive twist that are bound to ensure your party kicks off in style.

board games

6. Fun & Games

Keeping everyone entertained has never been so easy. From classic card decks to puzzles and trivial pursuits, you can challenge loved ones with games to suit all ages. Choose something you could play virtually with the whole family near and far on camera to keep spirits up.

speaker pink

7. Pick Your Sounds

Music can be a contentious subject, so avoid any unnecessary tension by getting everyone involved when it comes to picking the tunes. From oldie classics and vintage beats to something bang-up-to-date, there’ll be something for everyone. Whether or not you choose to include Christmas songs is up to you…

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