Why Metallics are Trending in Interiors

Jul 8, 2020

luxurious living room with gold pillows

Gold, brass, steel and silver, heavy metals are everywhere this season. Sky-rocketing in recent months to become one of 2020’s most sought-after interior trends, we take a look at where the sudden surge in popularity has come from, and how you can get the look in your own home…

They Add a Little Luxe

luxury bedroom with gold detailing

Over the past four months our homes have become our sanctuaries. We swapped nights out for nights in, weekends away seemed like a far-off luxury, and instead of planning get-togethers with family and friends our attention turned to our homes. Naturally, the need to indulge in a little home improvement was high, and as a community of interior lovers we looked for ways to make the four walls that keep us safe more luxurious than ever. Enter: metallics.

One of the simplest ways to make any space feel opulent, metallics were embraced as our new favorite trend as our attention moved from pared-back palettes to grand and palatial aesthetics. Think glittering golds, sparkling silvers and warming bronze accessories. We embraced metals in all their glory in an attempt to detach from the everyday and make it something special.

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They Complement Any Color Palette

white bathroom with silver accessories

Another reason metallics are trending in 2020? They couldn’t be easier to introduce to your current décor. Matching metals to your color palette is simple, and it’s why they’re so often the final finish to many interior schemes. If your space has a cooler palette such as blues and greens, opt for stainless steel and silver finishes. If it’s more of an earthy palette with warm undertones, gold, copper and brass will blend effortlessly within it. And the best part? If the room is neutral or monochrome the choice is yours. You can even mix and match metals to add a sense of depth.

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They’re Easy to Mix

dressing table with mixed metal accessories

Remember when clashing metals was the ultimate interior sin? You were either team gold or team silver and every fixture and fitting in a room had to coordinate. Well forget everything you know about metals because in 2020 it’s time to mix it up.

Cool metallics such as silver, steel and aluminum create a sleek look, but too much and the space can feel cold and uninviting. Offset the modern feel of cooler metallics by introducing warm accessories in tones of gold, bronze and brass. You’ll be surprised how effortlessly the different metals work in harmony and how clashing the two can bring a room together.

They Contrast Perfectly with Other Textures

luxury living room

Clashing patterns and textures is the best way to bring depth to your home. Furniture and accessories in metallic finishes bring a harder edge to a room, which is perfect for offsetting softer textures such as faux furs, velvets and upholstery. Clashing metals with natural finishes such as exposed wood creates an ultra-chic look, and proves that coordination isn’t always key.

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