Marble Home Decor Ideas: Get the Luxe Look

white kitchen with marble top

Marble is a stone that’s been around for centuries. Widely used in buildings, sculptures and monuments, it graces some of the world’s most beautiful structures including the Taj Mahal, the Duomo of Florence and The Washington Monument. Whether on flooring, kitchen countertops or bathrooms, marble decor has also been a prominent feature of interior design since the ‘70s and its popularity is only increasing. From luxurious marble flooring to marble-effect home accessories, we explore some different ways you can introduce the must-have material into your home…

Choose Marble Room Accessories

Luxe / Designed by AMARA
Broste Copenhagen

Marble has a reputation for being one of the most expensive materials to use in interior design, but you can still get a luxurious look without making a heavy investment. From the bedroom to the bathroom, you can introduce the look with stylish lighting, tableware, and other decorative marble homeware accessories.

Contrast a marble-effect dinner set with a rustic, exposed-wood dining table for a fresh take on Scandi styling. Or finish your bathroom scheme with marble accessories to add a touch of luxe without the commitment. In the kitchen, a marble chopping board will blend seamlessly into your existing decor whilst giving a subtle nod to the coveted trend. Alternatively, in your dressing room, beauty room or bedroom, an elegant trinket tray will provide the perfect space to store your treasures.

Install Marble Flooring

marble floor / TATTA

Prized for its beauty and elegant finish, marble flooring adds grandeur to any space. Whilst not as resilient as granite, marble is still an incredibly durable stone with beautiful natural markings that complement a wide range of bathroom or kitchen interiors. However, before investing in marble flooring, make sure you consider the careful maintenance that's required to keep marble flooring looking its best.

If left unprotected, marble is a relatively soft stone and is prone to soaking up stains, particularly if it's white marble. So whether you choose a honed or polished finish, it will require extra care to prolong its lifetime. Dirt, grit and sand can damage marble flooring, so you'll need to dust mop the area frequently to clear the area of abrasive materials.

For a deeper clean, use a mild detergent or stone soap and avoid using acidic substances such as bathroom or kitchen cleaners like bleach or antibacterial sprays which could damage the marble's soft surface. Also only use soft pads to clean your floor to avoid scratching its surface.

Create Statement Walls

marble wall / teeraphan

Marble can transform a room, and this is especially true if you dedicate an entire wall to the stone. Be brave and take the natural material away from the obvious places, the bathroom and kitchen, and introduce it into bedrooms, dining rooms and even the living room with marble effect wallpaper.

Effortlessly turning any space into a work of art, marble’s crisp white hues and natural veining provides a dramatic backdrop to a wide range of decor and home designs. From minimalist to industrial interiors, a marble wall can be used to add a touch of glamour to your home and instantly elevate it with a striking focal point.

To keep the scheme minimal, look to cool whites and grays throughout and break up the look with your statement wall. For a touch of glam, dark emerald and navy contrast beautifully against the soft white hues of marble. For a stunning finishing touch, introduce plush velvet furniture in pale pinks and greens to stay effortlessly on-trend.

Go Glam

marble side table
Luxe / Designed by AMARA

A material of unashamed luxury, marble is perfect for embellishing with other opulent touches. From sumptuously soft velvets to the finest furs, pair marble with a host of luxurious textures to create a look that’s effortlessly glam whilst adding a cozy element to your scheme.

For a truly glamorous finish to your marble room decor, choose accessories in radiant and romantic colors, such as yellow or rose gold, or soft pastel pieces like blues or greens. Introducing marble to your room design also opens the door to other statement pieces such as large pieces of wall art, big, bold mirrors, or a glamorous chandelier light feature.

Metals are marble’s best friend and anything with warm tones goes: think gold, copper or brass. To keep the look refined don’t overpower the room with too many luxe metals, instead look to marble furniture with gold gilded edging, decorative trays and elegant vases that beautifully marry the two materials.

One of the perfect spaces to match up marble and metals is in the kitchen. Choose marble-effect kitchen accessories to complement metal surfaces such as your sink, fridge and lights, or install a marble countertop above metal gray cupboards to create a truly glamorous kitchen design.