Cozy Lighting Ideas for Winter

pendant lights in dining room

It’s official, winter is on its way. And what better way to welcome the new season than with a little interior update? Improving the lighting in your home during the colder months will enhance the warmth, and create a space that you can’t wait to get back to. This November, take inspiration from our cosy lighting ideas and transform your home into the ultimate cold-weather retreat. Go on, make the most of winter…

Shine a Spotlight

cozy living room

Spotlight lamps are ideal for creating single pools of light within a room. Love to read? Create your own cosy nook with your favourite chair, a blanket and a spotlight floor lamp. You can get lost in your favourite novel without distracting those around you with harsh light that fills up the entire room. Spotlights can also be used to highlight certain spaces or a particular piece of furniture that you love. If you have a favourite area in your home, make it a focal point with a spotlight. This could be in the form of a floor, ceiling or wall light, depending on the space.

Make a Meal of it

pendant lights in dining room

It’s cold, wet and windy outside. Naturally, you’re staying home. This season, instead of cancelling plans when the weather turns, bring the plans home. Make the most of a rainy evening by hosting friends and family at your own private dinner party. And the perfect way to highlight the main event is with low level ceiling lights over the dining table. Whether you match three pendant lamps, invest in a single large statement piece or prefer to mix and match with smaller designs, it creates a welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for both intimate dinners and large gatherings. Plus, no one has to get the bill at the end of the night.

A Golden Glow

gold lamp in bedroom

Metallic tones are a wintry interior’s best friend. Gold, brass & bronze; these rich colors will saturate your space with a warming glow, and thanks to the ever-popular industrial trend, metallic lighting is available in abundance. Whether it’s a statement copper pendant in the hallway, a reclaimed golden lamp in the living room or a pair of copper wall sconces in your bedroom, metallic lighting is a must for warming up your interior.

Embrace the Beauty of the Bulb

exposed bulb light

This winter ditch the shades and embrace the beauty of the bulb. Sustainable brand Tala mimics the aesthetic of the old fashioned Edison bulb to bring a vintage feel to your home. Their range of LED lights use 90% less energy than an incandescent bulb, so they’re environmentally, and they emit a warm, amber glow that’ll make any setting feel cosy.

Can’t get enough of exposed bulbs? Say hello to Plumen. Founders Roope & Hemus couldn’t understand why the light bulb hadn’t really evolved in almost 150 years, so they did something about it. The original Plumen 001 bulb was the world’s first designer low energy light bulb, meaning you can use energy more efficiently without compromising on style. When bulbs look this good, why cover them up?

Take it Outside

outdoor lighting ideas
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Just because we’ve waved goodbye to summer, it doesn’t mean we have to neglect our outdoor spaces. Make the most of your garden with vintage-inspired festoon lighting and oversized lanterns on the patio. Get festive with fairy lights on trees and light your pathway with solar lights. When you add a fire pit, a mug of coffee and heavy-weight blankets into the mix, you’ll fall in love with winter evenings all over again.