Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas

Jun 14, 2022

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When it comes to deciding on bedroom color schemes, there are lots of aspects to take into account. Should you create a calming atmosphere or a glamorous residence? Does the room need accentuating, or would a cozy color palette suit it best? Are you looking to fashion a feminine boudoir, a bachelor pad or something a little more gender-neutral?

Whether you're choosing a color scheme for your master bedroom, guest bedroom or child’s bedroom, there are plenty of unique ways to style your interior. From clean, neutral color palettes to bold and beautiful ones, our interior experts have provided us with lots of bedroom color scheme ideas.

Keep it Simple

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Our bedrooms are little havens we can escape to at the end of the day and a neutral color palette is the perfect choice for creating a soothing sanctuary. Ideal if you’re a little unsure where to start, neutrals come in a plethora of different shades from bright and airy whites to sandy beige tones and warm caramel hues meaning you can pick your palette and make it your own.

Elevate a neutral bedroom with brassy accents, touchable textures, and personal finishing touches to create a unique space and opt for warm lighting to create a soft glow rather than a harsh glare.

Bring the Outside In

From deep forest tones to rich emeralds and soft sage hues, a green color scheme will effortlessly bring your bedroom to life. Evoking feelings of growth and renewal, green is the perfect choice for creating a stimulating environment to reset and recuperate.

Whether you refresh your walls, update your bed linen, or simply introduce some indoor plants into your space, green is a versatile shade that pairs with a variety of colors; think forest green and blush pink; emerald green and gold; or sage green and lavender.

Turn Up the Heat

Perfect for sunseekers and globe trotters alike, opting for warm hues in the bedroom reminiscent of Mediterranean summers and sultry sunsets will make golden hour that little bit more special.

A match made in heaven, opting for pink bedding styled with red pillows will create a romantic sleeping space that you simply can’t resist whilst pairing orange walls with wooden furniture and ocher accessories will create warmth with a retro edge. Feeling flustered? Cut through these toasty tones with cooling shades of off-white, olive green and blue.

Dive Into the Deep End

Promoting feelings of peace, tranquility, and serenity, blue is a versatile shade that’s been used in interior design for hundreds of years.

Whether you prefer powder blues, warm inky tones, or dusty denims, choosing the right shade can create the perfect atmosphere that works for you. Perkier pale shades will transport you to a relaxing island whilst deep navy tones create a cozy environment with a hint of glamour.

Ready for drift off? Pick your palette and transform your boudoir with our full collection of bedroom accessories.

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