The New Frontier: Get The Americana Look At Home

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The Wild West is brimming with wonder and adventure and its arrival into town has lassoed our attention. The Americana look isn’t all about cowboys and deserts you know. Free-spirited, uncomplicated & carefree, this rootin’ tootin’ look is perfect for any home. Think sun-baked shades, rustic materials and a riot of pattern. Kick back by the campfire and take off your Stetson, it’s time to discover the newest frontier…

leather sofa in neutral room
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Textures, Textures, Textures

To achieve this rustic and free-spirited look you need to look a little deeper at the details. A good mix of rough, unfinished and natural textures is the easiest way to achieve the look. Pair worn leather with untreated wood and scatter rough cotton and patterned textiles to achieve a look that looks just as good in town as it does way out west.

Touchable Textures

Patterned blanket on sofa
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Embrace Desert Colors

Be inspired by a stroll through the desert sunset with your colour choices. Start with a neutral backdrop (beige is back you know) and pair with spicy reds, faded brown and muddied yellow. And don’t forget to add some surprising flashes of cactus green and blue inspired by your favourite pair of jeans to keep it looking fresh. These sun-baked shades will work in any room of the home and will create a seriously relaxed scheme.

Patterned blankets
Image courtesy of Pendleton
Patterned blankets
Image courtesy of Pendleton

Be Inspired By Patterns

The Wild West is a big place and its vastness has inspired countless designers. So don’t be afraid to clash bold patterns. Mix and match your favorite prints that are as diverse as the landscape the Americana look has been inspired by. Pendleton is a great place to start, their blankets are inspired by traditional Indigenous design & craftsmanship.

Shop Bold Patterns

Cactus in front of sofa
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Effortless Accents

Everyone knows that it’s the finishing touches that make a house a home. Be inspired by those desert motifs from classic Westerns, longhorns, cacti, desert landscapes & rough terrain. Choose a select few statement pieces that allow you embrace desert life without looking too Little House on the Prairie.

Wild, Wild West

bench in hallway
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Homeward Bound

Inspiration doesn’t just have to come from the great outdoors. Take pointers from homesteads of the Prairie. A welcoming but hard-working style, this farmhouse inspired look is easy to achieve. Embrace your cowboy spirit and pair weathered woods and rugged leathers with easy-going patterns to soften up it up.

Welcome To Your Frontier

white bedroom with cactus
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If talk of the Americana look has you thinking about your parents’ house decked out for the 4th of July, don’t worry. There’s peace and quiet to be found in the harsh desert so use this look to create a sanctuary for yourself. Bright, crisp white instantly brings the Americana look into the twenty first century. And untreated timber and rough textures ensure that you still hit all the style high notes. And don’t forget to throw in a cactus or two for good measure.

Desert Chic