Four Ways to Celebrate World Chocolate Day

chocolate fondue

Chocoholics, rejoice! World Chocolate Day is coming on the 7th July, and we’ve handpicked four of our very best products to make the most of it. Whether you’re gathering the troops for a night of delicious dunking, hosting a sophisticated dinner party or looking for an excuse to eat the good stuff every day, here are our top picks no chocolate lover can resist…

Start Your Day the Right Way

Jacob Lund /

The Chocolate Flaker

Put down the green tea and switch off the juicer, this World Chocolate Day you’re going to kick-start your morning. Forget the rules about chocolate for breakfast, a little cocoa never hurts (and it can turn even the most boring of breakfasts into something special).

Chocolate lovers, say hello to the chocolate flaker from Boska. Perfect for peppering your porridge with the good stuff or adding a little pizzazz to your pancakes, simply fill the ceramic tumbler with your chosen chocolate, turn the lid and it’ll transform it into tiny flakes ready for sprinkling. After all, a cappuccino without chocolate isn’t really worth waking up for, is it?

Have Fun with Fondue

chocolate fondue set

The Marie Fondue Set

Staying in is the new going out, and that’s especially true when you throw a little fondue into the mix. Whether you’re team white, milk or dark, break up your favourite bar, light a tealight and pop open the marshmallows. You’ll have delicious melted chocolate before you’ve even picked the next film, and thanks to the layer of water between the two pans it won’t burn or become gritty. Perfect puddings? They don’t get easier than this.

Do It Yourself

two people baking

DIY Chocolate Kit

Ever dreamed of visiting Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? Whilst we don’t recommend attempting a river of chocolate in your own home, we’ve got something that comes pretty close. Make your own marvellous chocolate creations with this chocolate making kit from Boska. Including everything you need to temper, mould and scoff your way to happiness, you’ll be able to create chocolate bars, hot chocolate spoons & bonbons, and it comes with all the accessories you need to wrap your creations & give away to friends (or keep to yourself, we won’t tell).

Host an Indulgent Dinner Party

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Marble Chopping Board

Chocolate. It’s the please-all dinner party pudding. And what’s even better is that it requires zero effort from the host. The next time you’re hosting a get together forget spending hours in the kitchen weighing, measuring & baking for your guests, buy the best chocolate you can afford and present it on something extra special. This chopping board is made from real marble which remains cool & ensures your chocolate is served at its optimum temperature, and the double handed copper-coloured knife allows your guests to break off chunks as and when they feel like it. Bon appetit!