Spring Dining Ideas for an Easter That’s Going to Look a Little Different This Year

Apr. 1, 2020

Easter dining table

There’s no doubt about it, this season is going to look and feel different to any spring we’ve had before. With Easter on its way we’d normally have plans firmly in place for the long weekend, typically with family and friends to gather together for a feast or two. But what do you do if your Easter plans, or all your plans for that matter, are on hold? We’ve come up with some more intimate spring dining ideas to help you still make the most of the new season whether you’re in lockdown alone, just with your partner or with the family…

Have a Lie In

Breakfast in bed on a wooden tray

Use the current restrictions in place on gatherings as an excuse to take things a little slower. Don’t set your alarm early to prepare your usual four course feast, instead revel in that lie in you’ve been longing for and enjoy an indulgent breakfast in bed. From buttery croissants to cream cheese loaded bagels, pile up a tray, grab that magazine or new book you’ve been meaning to read and relax.

Take the Feast Outside

Outdoor dining setting on benches

Whilst days at the park or an afternoon spent in a beer garden might be on hold, there’s never been a better time to escape to your own garden. From simple lunches, to evening drinks, your outdoor space, if you’re lucky enough to have one, is a small change of scenery we all need at the moment. So whatever you’re cooking up this season and whoever for, serve it outside.

Go Virtual

Cozy sofa setting

We’re in unprecedented times of uncertainty, there’s no arguing that. However we’re also lucky enough to be in a time where technology allows us to stay more connected that ever. So why not instigate a virtual Sunday lunch with those you who would normally meet up with at this time. It doesn’t even need to be a full lunch either, simply grab a cup of tea and a slice of cake and you can still enjoy a quick virtual catch up from the comfort of your sofas.

Keep it Casual

Garden picnic

Picnicking adventures might be out of the question but there’s nothing stopping you bringing the picnic to your own outdoor space. The perfect excuse to keep your dining casual if you don’t feel like cooking up a storm. A few tasty treats, some fizz and a picnic blanket on the grass will go a long way in lifting spirits. Now we just have to hope for some blue skies.

Fall in Love with your Kitchen Again

laidback kitchen

Cooking a feast doesn’t have to mean only cooking for guests. People all over the world are spending the extra time indoors learning new hobbies or reigniting old ones, so now’s the perfect time to fall in love with cooking again. Whether you’re cooking for your family, your partner or just you, take your time to enjoy your [kitchen]/shop/kitchenware) and what you can create in it.

Still Make it Special

Easter dining setting

Even if you had to cancel your spring dining plans, that doesn’t mean you can’t make meals at the moment special. Even everyday dining can still be an occasion and you don’t need guests to use your best china. From adding a few decorative seasonal touches to going all out with your table settings, it’ll feel more fabulous in no time.