Behind the Brand: Reed Family Linen

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Reed Family Linen

A family business spanning six generations, Reed Family Linen have been designing, manufacturing and servicing high-quality linens for over 165 years. The legacy and history of quality cotton fabrics woven by steam powered looms in Lancashire, lives on today in Reed Linen’s fine home textiles. We take a look at the family’s rich textural history…


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Reed Family Linen

Humble Beginnings

From sheep farmers to wealthy mill owners, Reed Family Linen has a rich history. As a result of Liverpool’s wealthy shipowners searching return on their cotton cargoes, the fibers were processed by equipping outlying farmers with hand-powered spindles and looms into cloth for the booming consumer market.

reed family linen romance white bed linen
Reed Family Linen

The Moorby Family

It was here that sheep farmers, the Moorby family, in North Lancashire took the opportunity to earn additional income from hand-weaving cotton fabrics. Transforming cowsheds into ‘weaving sheds’ and soon after utilizing steam engines to power the mills as the business grew.

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Reed Family Linen

"Anyone can make a pair of sheets, but the quality of linens which last the test of time are born from tradition." - Mark Reed

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Reed Family Linen

An Alliance

After thirty years, John Moorby had saved enough capital to build his own mill in nearby town of Nelson in the Calder valley of Lancashire, letting half the mill to the Reed family who had a thriving weaving business in the town. Eventually, the Moorby’s and the Reed’s become closely related through the marriage of two Reed sons to two Moorby daughters, creating an alliance that formed a strong textile dynasty.

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Reed Family Linen

War Effort

During the Second World War, the family business contributed with the patented ‘graduated reed’, a loom part which enabled cheaper hospital sheets to be produced by concentrating a higher thread count.

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Reed Family Linen

Highs & Lows

The fourth generation of the Reed textile dynasty, Peter was the youngest member of the family. Deciding to continue in the weaving business, despite the state of the industry, he was able to concentrate on the higher thread count and better-quality fabrics that oversea rivals could not produce at the time.

reed family linen furness charcoal bed linen
Reed Family Linen

A Brand

In the 1970s, at the request of Harrods, Peter Reed was asked to brand their bed linen to differentiate the range from foreign imports. Initially naming the brand ‘PR’, this was used until his death in 2000.

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Reed Family Linen

The Reed Difference

Crafting high-quality bed linen has been a way of life for the Reed family for over six generations. They’re set apart by their approach to creating perfect linen for everyday luxury.

Thread Count
Weaving and producing fabric with the highest single yarn thread count construction possible.

Generous Hems
Sewing their hems at least twelve stitches per inch ensuring that their linens lasts as long as possible, it also allows for easy ironing.

Cord Stitching
Continuing the tradition of extra rows of cording for higher thread count cloths, Reed Family Linen pieces are finished with cord stitching which is sewn with 28 stitches per inch.