Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Oct 19, 2022

children playing indoors
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No matter where you are in the world, weather can be unpredictable. Entertaining your children when the sun is shining is a breeze, but keeping them occupied at home? It requires a little more pre-planning. If you're finding yourself spending more time at home this half-term, it’s time to think about those all-important indoor activities that’ll keep your little ones entertained. From pizza making parties to creating indoor dens, here’s some rainy day activities that’ll keep them busy for hours…

Throw a Make-Your-Own-Pizza-Party

making pizza

If there’s one thing kids love, it’s pizza. Keep them entertained and get dinner sorted by helping them to build their own pizzas. Consider buying mini aprons to really get them in the spirit and create a pizza making station by putting all of the toppings in separate bowls. It’s an easy way to get them to eat their vegetables, and you could even offer a prize for making the silliest face with toppings. A simple activity that little chefs will love.

Build an Indoor Den

indoor den
children's tipi
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Is there anything children love more than creating their own den? Help them build their own little hideaway with blankets, throws and pillows (or even one of our foldable indoor tents or tipis). Finish with some fairy lights and you’ve created the ultimate spot they’ll love to hang out in. It’s the perfect place for reading, coloring, or hosting top-secret meetings with their brothers and sisters. You could even pile in together and enjoy a movie marathon as a family.

Host Your Own Bake Off

baking with children

Whether it’s a simple batch of pancakes or you’re going for Star Baker with a show-stopping cake, indulging in a little baking is the perfect pastime when it’s drizzling outside. Your little ones will love watching their precious pastries rise in the oven, and you’ll love how quiet they’ll be once they’re ready to eat. It’s a win win.

Put on a Show

Girl and dog in fancy dress

For budding performers, a rainy afternoon is the perfect opportunity to showcase their latest production to a captive audience. Raid dressing up boxes and get them to devise a play based around the fancy dress costumes they find, using toys for props as well as supporting cast members. It’ll keep them entertained, and if you film it, you’re sure to get some priceless video footage for their 18th birthday.

Have a Games Marathon

selection of classic board games
Professor Puzzle

Stir up a bit of family rivalry and give everyone (young and old) a chance to show-off with a games marathon. Split up into teams and choose a variety of games to test a whole spectrum of skills, from general knowledge to memory – and even physical prowess. So, dust off those classic board games, discover some new puzzles, and bring inflatable outdoor games indoors for a day of fun.

Get Creative With Cardboard

Girls in cardboard pirate ship

Ever wondered what to do with all those empty boxes from online deliveries? Whilst it might be just a box to you, it’s a world of infinite playtime possibilities for your little ones. Let their imagination run wild and an ordinary box can be transformed into a spaceship, a car, a robot, a pirate ship, a theater, a shop, a kitchen, and much more besides. Once it’s built, it’s time to customize your cardboard creation with coloring pens, paint, stickers, and even wrapping paper - just think outside the box.

Have a Pajama Party

children playing on bed

Some days there’s just nothing better than a pajama party. Wave goodbye to outdoor clothes for the day and get comfy with pajamas that are so good, you won’t want to take them off. From unicorns and sharks to flying eggs, pick out their prettiest pair of PJs and settle down to watch your favorite films. Just don’t forget the snacks and blankets.

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