Newgate Clocks: Fall Back in Love with Timepieces

Oct 16, 2019

newgate clocks

Newgate is the modern British fashion and lifestyle brand that is loved throughout the world. Founded by husband and wife team, Jim & Chloe Read, they combine their experienced eye for clock making with intelligent construction & design to create timepieces that are the focal point of the home. Daylight Saving Time comes to an end on October 27th, making it the perfect time to update the clocks in your own home. Whether your space is contemporary or classic, we’ve picked out our top 5 designer clocks by Newgate that will blend seamlessly into any interior. So, go on… let’s fall back in love with timepieces this autumn…

Triptick Clock

bright clock
Newgate Clocks

Bold, bright & beautiful: the Triptick clock is the update your home has been asking for. A modern wall clock with a white silicone case, it features a contemporary dial with multicoloured pink, orange and yellow subdials that show a 24-hour, 60 second and temperature gauges. Don’t be fooled by its loud and proud appearance, the Triptick has a silent-sweep movement which eliminates the ticking noise, making this wall clock quieter than most. What’s not to love?

Mr Clarke

pastel wall clock

Bold, modern & minimalist. Its name may remind you of a stuffy old school teacher, but this clock is anything but boring. Fusing contemporary design with a mid-Century style, it is modern yet classic, simple yet striking. The ultimate contradictory clock. Featuring a modernist dial with sleek hands, Mr Clarke’s clean-cut appearance allows it to blend effortlessly into its surroundings, bringing a touch of contemporary styling without overpowering your interior look. Its graphic lines lends itself well to modern, Scandinavian-inspired homes, but Mr Clarke can be just as easily incorporated into traditional interior schemes. After all, Newgate clocks are designed to stand out.

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Charlie Bell Alarm Clock

alarm clock

The Charlie Bell alarm clock makes waking up that little bit easier. A contemporary twin-bell alarm clock, it features a modern graphic dial and is available in a number of finishes, from copper to marshmallow pink. Blurring the line between traditional and modern, the rainbow finishes bring Charlie Bell into the 21st century, whilst the moving hammer-and-bell alarm action retains its charming, traditional flair. If you’re going to start your day at an unearthly hour, at least do it in style.

‘50s Electric Clock

classic wall clock

Inspired by the large-scale clocks that hung in factory buildings during the 1940s and ‘50s; this Electric Clock turns the original retro design into a contemporary and striking timepiece. An icon amongst the Newgate family, it features a deep metal case, with bold retro numerals and a metal propeller to measure the time. The perfect piece for industrial interiors.

The Quad

classic wall clock
Newgate Clocks

The Quad is here to shake up your interior. Is it a modern or a classic piece? The dial features subtle tan staining and antique-effect markings to create the appearance of a vintage clock. Yet, its unique square shape and sleek, graphic numbers reflect those of modern timepieces. This subtle blend of old and new makes it the ideal clock for any room of the home. Be bold with The Quad.