8 Housewarming Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Mar 11, 2020

Black and white candle with a copper vase
Lava Moments

Whether your best friend moved to their forever home, or your little brother is making his first step onto the housing ladder, if a loved one has just moved house chances are you’re wracking your brains on what to get them as a housewarming gift. These types of gifts can be a bit of a minefield though as you need to contend with what they actually need and their own personal style. To help, we’ve selected our top housewarming gift ideas for new homeowners…

1. Vases

Purple and marble vases on shelving unit

Every home needs vases for when guests arrive with flowers or they treat themselves to their favorite blooms. If you know the new homeowner’s style to a T, then opt for something with some flair or if you don’t want to risk it, a simply sleek glass vase will always have a place in any home.

2. Photo Frames

Photo frame and vases on a sideboard

All new homeowners will be trying to put their own stamp on their new place and one of the quickest ways to do this is showcasing their best memories. Photo frames are a top housewarming gift for a reason as they can quickly make a house feel like home. Stick to classic designs which will let the photos shine.

3. Artificial Flowers & Plants

Artificial roses in glass jars
Côte Noire

It’s customary to bring some flowers or a new pot plant when someone moves into a new home but have you thought about going faux? One less thing for a new homeowner to worry about and care for, artificial plants and flowers always look their best. No watering needed.

4. Scented Candles

Black and white candle with copper vase
Lava Moments

Help them get their new home feeling cozy and smelling fresh with a new scented candle. Wonderful for creating a scent memory of when they first moved in, every time they light it they’ll be reminded of those early days. You can also mark the time of year they moved by choosing a seasonal scent.

5. Glassware

Martini cocktail glasses on a drinks trolley

Help them out with the inevitable housewarming party that will following the moving day by gifting them with a sparkling new glassware set. Do they have a favorite tipple? If so treat them to drink specific glassware like gin balloon or martini glasses.

6. Serveware

modern serveware and cheese boards

As will glassware, serveware is another entertaining essential that will never go amiss. From cheese boards and knives, to condiment dishes and serving platters, we’re sure the new homeowner will love some stylish serveware to show off at the housewarming party.

7. Prints

Film art prints
Monde Mosaic

Prints can be a tricky gift as it’s such a personal choice what people put on their walls. However if there’s an artist or style they love, a destination that’s important to them or you know their favorite films and books, there’s countless of prints that make for a perfectly personal gift idea.

8. Mugs

Coffee mugs with biscuits

One thing that’s certain when anyone moves is that the kettle will be boiling nonstop to make teas and coffees for all the movers, family members and friends that are helping them move. Even after the move they’ll be countless guests stopping in to have a nosy at the new place, so you can’t go wrong with the most classic new home gift – a set of mugs.

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