Baobab Collection's Luxury Home Fragrances Handcrafted in Madagascar

Baobab Collection project M
Baobab Collection

Returning to its African roots Baobab Collection has released Project M, its latest range of luxury home fragrances. Celebrating Madagascar, Material and the Made by hand nature, Project M has been created in collaboration with a Malagasy cooperative. The range utilizes the natural beauty of Raffia, of which production accounts for twenty percent of Madagascar’s GDP, to create unique handmade decoration that beautifully complements the new scents.

Home to the most stunning species of baobab trees, Madagascar was the perfect choice for the home of this collaboration. The close-knit Malagasy communities pass down the specialist art of raffia weaving from generation to generation. Based on this unique expertise, Baobab Collection, in strong collaboration with a local cooperative, created the five new limited edition scented candles, each carrying a Malagasy name.

Baobab Collection – Photograph by Serge Anton
baobab m collection
Baobab Collection – Photograph by Serge Anton

We are proud of the men and women who weave this natural material that will cover the glass of our candles. Their names are Elaine, Ginah, Farah, Seheno, Charleen, Juliette, Solo, Claudine… they are those whose who have touched us with their kindness, their dexterity and their smiles. - Baobab Collection

To pay tribute to the extraordinary nature of the island of Madagascar and its inhabitants, Baobab Collection reached out to the famous Belgian photographer Serge Anton. Shooting a series of true works of art to accompany the collection, faces and materials become true works of abstract art behind his camera. Shining a light on artisans, and immortalising the magnificent baobab trees, Serge Anton gives the M Project a strong artistic identity.

baobab collection candles
Baobab Collection

Engaging itself in the revalorisation of the craftsmanship and agility of the human hand, the M Project also has perfumes that were created in harmony with the brand’s global approach. The five new scents contain essences such as ylang ylang, eucalyptus and aromatic herbs that can be found on the island of Madagascar. Each candle holder’s exquisite design from graphic patterns with an African influence, where red and black are emphasised and mixed with natural beige, creating an elegant identity which is in line with the Baobab Collection luxury aesthetic.

Choose from the following five limited editions; Mahary, featuring a woody scent that will take you back to the wild trails of Madagascar. Mainty, meaning black in Malagasy, which remains Baobab Collection’s signature colour; the raffia covering this candle is a deep black with linear elements that constitute a striking geometric pattern. Mankafy with its distinct red and beige raffia crochet detail and lime & mint scent that evokes the freshness of exotic gardens in the early morning. Mena, which means ‘red’ in Malagasy, is a homage to the island of Madagascar which is sometimes called the red is­land and features red raffia dotted with tribal patterns. Malala, which has natural Raffia dotted with multi-coloured tassels making this candle the perfect decorative object for summer evenings. Each raffia tassel is custom made, dyed in a bright colour, and sewn individually onto the raffia, making each candle unique. Discover the wider selection from Baobab Collection also available at Amara.