The 10 Best Types of Kitchen Gadgets to Invest in for Fun & Easy Cooking

fondue set

If you already have a flair for cooking and love spending time in the kitchen then you probably don’t need any more tips on how to make whipping up culinary creations more fun or easy. But maybe just share your secrets with us before you go? For those of you that see cooking as a bit of a chore, we’re here to save the day with what we think are the best the kitchen gadgets you should invest in to make cooking a little easier, quicker and most importantly, more fun…

1. Easy Choppers, Slicers & Splitters

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One of the lengthiest parts of cooking tasty creations from scratch is prepping all your ingredients ready to put in to the pan or oven. Not only time consuming, the process can make even the most seasoned chefs cry (onions get the best of all of us) but it doesn’t have to be this hard. Brands like Gefu have come to the rescue with handy choppers, slicers and splitters to make slicing and dicing fruit and vegetables a breeze.

2. Microwave Wonders

microwave dish
microwave dish
Joseph Joseph

Microwaves don’t usually feature heavily on budding chef’s tips, but for those looking to cut down on cooking time and ramp up convenience, you should make the microwave your best friend. We don’t mean just pop in a microwave meal, although who doesn’t sometimes when you’ve had a busy day? Brands are getting wise to the powers of the microwave and are creating products that help you whip up healthy meals in less time. The king of kitchen convenience, Joseph Joseph, even have their own microwave collection to get you started.

3. Top of the Pots

colorful kitchen pot

Now we’re sure you already have a set of trusty pots and pans, but now might be the time to inspect them. What kind of condition are they in? Is cooking on them and cleaning them afterwards becoming more of a chore if they’ve worn down or lost their non-stick coating? Did you know that with the right pans you can reduce your cooking times? Look for pans with even heat distribution technology to make sure the whole surface is sizzling, those with durable non-stick finishes and preferably ones with handles that don’t heat up with the pan, so you don’t have to keep reaching for the oven gloves to cook with them.

4. Chopping Board Cheats

chopping board
Joseph Joseph
chopping board
Joseph Joseph

We’ve already mentioned our hatred of the copious chopping needed for cooking from scratch. Whilst this issue with fruit and vegetables is solved by easy choppers, you’ll still need a few chopping boards for the other ingredients. So make sure you invest in ones that do some of the hard work for you. A key frustration with chopping boards is chopped items or juices running off the side as you try to move the board or pour ingredients into the pot, but thankfully there’s now a few solutions for that.

5. Cheesy Champions

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So these kitchen gadgets won’t technically make cooking quicker, but are filed firmly in the fun category because who doesn’t love cheese? Adding cheese to your dishes has never been easier thanks to the abundance of accessories now available. From two, four or six person fondue sets to hold your own cheese parties to raclette trays to add a layer of melted cheese to any dish, every cheese lover should have a few of these trusty gadgets in their kitchen. They’re perfect for entertaining too.

6. Season with Flair

rock salt and grater

Upgrade your flavours in the kitchen with some new seasoning sets to make cooking more fun. Rivsalt rules supreme in this area and specialise in, you guessed it, salt! From salt blocks you cook straight onto, to graters and tasting samples from around the world it’s easy to season meat and fish to perfection, and they also offer other seasoning varieties like pepper and even liquorice too.

7. Useful Utensils

kitchen utensils
Joseph Joseph

No cook whether professional or novice would get very far without utensils, but if you invest in some smart utensils you could cut down on hassle when cooking. From ergonomically shaped utensils that keep messy utensil heads off your surfaces, to tools that double up as measures, you can cut down on how much space these accessories take up on your worktops and create less cleaning up as you go too.

8. Masterful Knives

kitchen knife

Like pots and pans, we’re sure you already have a set of knives to help you slice and you’re your ingredients. But are they as efficient as they could be? High-quality knives can be a large investment but when you weigh it against the time they can save you with their superior sharpness and balanced cutting edge, they are more than worth it. For steak lovers out there, did you know that the sharper the knife the better tasting the steak? As razor sharp knives won’t tear the tasty meat fibres when cutting.

9.Make Your Own Marvels

mayonnaise jar

For those really looking to inject some fun into their kitchen why not try some of the quirky kitchen gadgets out there for you to make your own tasty treats in no time. Cookut are experts at making fun kitchen gadgets which encourage you to be more creative and environmentally friendly in the home without costing more of your precious time. From homemade mayonnaise makers to milkshake shakers, you’ll have a great time getting to grips with these gadgets.

10. Smart Storage

kitchen storage

Storing all of your cooking ingredients and utensils close to hand will help you shave valuable time when in the kitchen, so you don’t have to go hunting for everything before you start, or fumble with hard to use accessories mid-meal. Handy storage trolleys are fabulous if you aren’t lucky enough to have a pantry cupboard to store dry ingredients or simple gadgets like one handed kitchen roll holder are certain to make your kitchen experience that bit more enjoyable.