Electric or Reed Diffuser – Pros and Cons

Apr 8, 2022

electric or reed diffuser

The perfume of your home should tell a story. From fresh floral notes in the spring and bright citrus scents in the summer to spiced, woody aromas in the autumn & winter. Coming home to your favorite fragrances will make a difference to your wellbeing throughout the year. So why limit yourself to candles? There’s a world of scent to be explored, and we’re shining a spotlight on our favorites: diffusers.

Allowing you to continually perfume your home without the need for an open flame, diffusers are now one of the most popular ways to scent your space. Here we explore the pros and cons of electric and reed diffusers so you can find the right one for your home.

electric fragrance diffuser

floral fragrance diffuser

Electric or Reed Diffuser – Pros and Cons

A home isn’t complete without a beautiful fragrance to welcome you into it. The way a home smells can alter a person’s perception of a space, making them feel instantly more relaxed the moment they step in (there’s a reason estate agents suggest baking a loaf of bread before welcoming potential buyers into your home). And one of the simplest ways to ensure your home always smells its best? With a reed diffuser.

Unlike candles or electric diffusers, reed diffusers are a fuss-free way to perfume your home with zero effort required. The wooden reeds work by absorbing the fragrance from the bottle and releasing it into the air, filling your home with scent without the need for a naked flame or remembering to plug it in. The only downside? You can’t control the level of fragrance the way you can with an electric diffuser, and they can’t be switched off, so if you’re out of town your favorite fragrance could be wasted on an empty home.

A good electric diffuser comes with multiple functions that’ll prove invaluable. With many electric diffusers you’re able to change the level of fragrance that’s emitted (perfect for filling a large room), or set a timer so it only diffuses its fragrance at a time that suits you. Better yet, many come with built-in ambient lighting options that work perfectly as a night light. They’re a practical solution to scenting your home, however if you’re particularly forgetful and aren’t comfortable leaving plugs on, a traditional reed diffuser may be a better fit for you.

What is the best aromatherapy diffuser?

When life gets stressful, aromatherapy is here to help. Aromatherapy diffusers work by blending drops of essential oils with water and circulating them around a room. A beautifully fragranced room with all the benefits of essential oils, what could be better?

Whether you're looking to boost your mood with peppermint, stay focused with rosemary or want to wind down of an evening with lavender, the best thing about an aromatherapy diffuser is that you can switch up the oils depending on your mood. When purchasing an aromatherapy diffuser, the main features to look for are varying mist modes and an automatic switch off, this will ensure you can safely enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy without the need to switch it off when you're finished (or once you've fallen asleep).

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What is the best essential oil diffuser?

Whether you want to achieve better sleep, feel less stressed or generally lift your mood, an essential oil diffuser is a wonderful addition to your home. If you're planning on using it to help you sleep, look for a diffuser with a built in night light and timer. The right blend of essential oils and a calming, soft light is the perfect recipe for a great night's sleep.

What is the best electric diffuser?

electric aromatherapy diffuser

The best electric diffusers cleverly distribute fragrance without heat using ultrasound technology, so they're perfect if you have little ones around. Look for a design that complements your existing decor, you want it to blend seamlessly into your space to achieve a relaxing spa-like experience. For an added benefit, choose an electric diffuser that uses water to disperse the essential oils, as this will purify and increase the moisture in the air all whilst releasing a beautiful fragrance.

Explore our range of luxury fragrance diffusers for the home, and find a scent perfect for every space.

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