Adam Boston User Experience & User Interface Designer

Adam Boston
Job Title
User Experience & User Interface Designer
Date Joined
January 2011
Traveling, Exploring, Blogging
Photography, boating, motorsport
Favorite Brand
B&O Play by Bang & Olufsen
Favorite Vacation
Driving across Iceland

Choosing just one favourite moment at Amara is definitely a difficult one. We all get on so well which makes the team feel like a big family... especially with the office banter!  My first day will always stand out as a favourite as it was the run up to Christmas and I was given a Santa’s hat to wear as soon as I walked in, the Christmas tree lights were then turned on by the postman.  Straight away I knew there would never be a dull moment at Amara, for example our many team nights out, which some enjoy more than others…

The second highlight for me was the forty mile charity bike ride that a few of the boys took part in. After a few training sessions and getting some stick for being sluggish up hills, we were all ready to compete. Unfortunately (and some say strategically) my pedal literally fell off at just one mile in! Thankfully with the help of some borrowed tools from a house nearby, I was back to cycling the rest of the distance where we all finished together over the line. A great start to the fundraising that we all participate in at Amara.



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