Wake-Up in Style

Early mornings are always tough but by adding a touch of style to your wake-up routine, you can quickly turn the first part of your day into a time to look forward to. Here are our top picks to perk up those early starts…

RITZ588OGY - The New Ritz (Small)

Picking the right wake-up call is essential for early mornings, so forget your phone alarm and invest in the real thing. A retro alarm clock like the New Ritz from Newgate Clocks which featured in Essential Kitchen Bathroom & bedroom Magazine is a bedside table must have.

PA198 gift set box open_Re-sized

If you are one of the many that cannot begin their day without a shot of strong coffee, than make sure to add a pop of colour to this daily ritual with the Pantone espresso mug set. This vibrant set recently appeared in City Am and is perfect for livening up your morning espresso.


You cannot mention morning coffees without discussing coffee makers. The epitome of luxury in this area is without a doubt the distinctive & eternally chic Diva coffee machine by kitchenware masters, Bugatti.  Recently featured in the Kentish Express, this fabulous machine ensures the perfect cup of coffee every time and is available in a range of classic or bold colours to perfectly complement your Pantone mugs.

How do you add a hint of  luxury to your mornings? 

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