Treat the Birds in Your Area

Nothing brightens a garden like the regular appearance of our little feathered friends. It can sometimes be hard to lure them in, though, especially if you have a feline on the prowl- so give the birds a hand and help them live and feed way out of reach in your garden with these fabulous accessories. Not only are they great for the birds, they look lovely too!

Green & Blue - Birdball Belle Feeder – White

 A shiny clay orb and stainless steel wire come together to form this perfect Birdball Belle Feeder from Green & Blue. Able to hold both small and large fat balls, scraps and bits of fruit, it’s brilliant for giving the birds in your garden a tasty dinner- or stuff it with wool to tempt them to nest there! It allows small birds such as tits, sparrows & finches to feed, and its small size deters larger birds that may steal all of the food. The smooth materials also minimise risk of damage to bird’s feet and beaks than may be caused by the wire mesh of other feeders. Easy to clean and available in terracotta, mushroom, lime and blue, this is a must have.

Green & Blue – Birdball Seed Feeder – Blue

 If you prefer seeds over fat balls and want something a little easier to fill up, Green & Blue have this Birdball Seed Feeder in white, blue and lime. It provides garden birds with a varied & reliable source of food which is especially well received in the colder month, but its stylish design offers safe feeding all year round. Perfect for tempting small birds to stick around!

Kew Gardens – Bird House

If you want to keep your sparrows and other little visitors warm at night after feeding them, you may want to consider placing this bird house from Kew Gardens somewhere nice and high that they can get to- and the cat can’t. With a protective copper roof and hinged side-door that makes for easy cleaning, this is the perfect addition to any garden. We can guarantee than any and all small feathery critters will be eternally grateful.


Do birds visit your garden? Will you be adding some of these accessories to tempt them in?

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