The Weekend Wish List 24th August

With a three day weekend ahead of us, we are all looking forward to the extra day off and of course there are many lovely Amara products that would make the bank holiday even better! Here are mine, Freddie’s, Jane’s & Helen’s weekend wants…


Freddie – Marketing & PR

freddie-chatt-thumb-jpgWhen it’s summer, what else do you want to do more than chill out with your mates and have a barbecue! So my weekend pick (providing it is not raining) is the Cole Henley Barbecue Table. It gives you the opportunity to sit out in the sun and cook your own food right in front of you, whilst chatting to all your friends around the table. A perfect way to spend any and every evening after work!

Christian Lacroix 2014 diary (1)

Jane – Copywriter

jane-pople-thumb-jpgI need to have this new Christian Lacroix diary now. OK, so it is a 2014 diary and yes there are still four months left of this year but you can never be too organised. Everything in the Christian Lacroix Papier Collection is stunning, and this butterfly adorned piece is no exception. I also really like that the pattern incorporates a map of Paris, it’s one of my favourite cities and looking at this will evoke lots of happy memories. Essentially it is a little piece of practical luxury that will look good and take up minimum room in my already over cluttered hand bag.


Helen – PR & Media

helen-taylor-thumb-jpgAs it’s a bank holiday weekend I intend to spend it relaxing in the garden sipping a few cocktails and making the most of the last bit of summer. The only thing that would make that even more perfect would be my very own Fatboy hammock, in pink of course!


SP031-Alice-Wonderland-50x70cm (Medium)

emily-bird-thumb-jpgAs a self-confessed book worm I am in love with the Spineless Classics wall art. I am moving out soon and NEED to have one of these to put up next to a book shelf and comfy chair to make myself a reading corner. No book better represents the fantasy world you escape to when engrossed in a good read than Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland! 

  Have a fabulous bank holiday weekend!

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