The Great Amara Charity Bake Off Starts Tomorrow!

The day we have all been waiting for is finally here, The Great Amara Charity Bake Off raising money for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust is only one day away! The blog will of course be following this tremendous event throughout the coming months, so check in every Wednesday for the low down on the delicious treats that have arrived in the office that week. The winner will be announced each Friday after a vigorous voting process that will take into account taste, aesthetics & most importantly, skill.


For those that have forgotten, here is a brief rundown of the ‘rules’…

♥ Each item must have been baked at some point during the cooking process – it wouldn’t be a BAKE off otherwise would it?

♥ Each culinary delight’s baker must remain anonymous until the results are revealed on Fridays, the three bakers themselves will be known in advance each week but not whose creation is whose.

♥ Bakers are not allowed to take part in the voting on the week they have brought their bake in.

 ♥All bakes must be made by the contestant, not shop bought and definitely not made by anyone else (mums, wives & girlfriends are out of the question boys!)

♥ Cheating will be SEVERELY REPRIMANDED – punishments for cheaters will be decided by Amara’s CEO Andrew Hood.

♥ The biggest thing to always remember is that we are trying to raise at least £500 for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, so a donation must be made before anything is consumed.

♥ Add of course, NO tactical voting! 

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Phew, it’s all getting very serious now, but you can’t have real fun without a few rules, right? Stay tuned each week for all of the exciting baking highs and lows…

Wish us luck!

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