The 2018 Amara Christmas Party

As the year draws to an end, we take a look at the last (but most beloved) event of the year: the 2018 Amara Christmas Party!



After a long day in the office, the team were whisked off to The Green Man (via Don’s coach of course!) for an enchanted evening. Making their way through the wardrobe, the team were greeted by a winter wonderland inspired by Narnia.


Each table was named after a Narnia location

With a bottle of Amara favourite Tequila Rose on each table, everyone found their seats amongst the ice and Christmas trees to enjoy a delicious meal.




What trip to Narnia would be complete without a visit to Aslan?



Or an ice cold shot of schnapps?





Keeping the music flowing were The Wolves, an upbeat acoustic duo comprising of Adam and Dhugal. Taking on beloved songs and putting their own unique spin on them, The Wolves mix of acoustic guitar, violin and a dash of mandolin delighted everyone.



Before the night could be handed over to the dance floor, Andrew made his Christmas speech celebrating what a year we had. Before finally announcing the winners of the hotly contested Christmas jumper competition: Lauren! The Social Committee also presented Sam & Andrew with a Christmas gift from the whole team.



Team Amara loves nothing more than posing for the camera!


As the night wore on the dancing took over and the tent turned into a boogie wonderland.


As midnight arrived so did the carriages to take everyone home safely (and get ready for sore heads the next morning). What a way to end 2018… 2019 here we come!


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