Brilliant Blues Featured in the Press

Blue is a key colour for 2014 and numerous shades within this spectrum have been popping up all the world of interiors this week. From inky navy or cobalt to vibrant turquoise, every home can benefit from a splash of blue this year, so here is our top Amara picks in the press this week… wilow-prussian Combining painterly pattern and a rich cobalt hue, this Ombre cushion from Bluebellgray is in Ideal Home this month. Perfect for subtly incorporating a new colour into your decor, this cushion has a chic watercolour inspired design. Ekobo Bo Lagoon Glossy Bamboo Bowl - Small Turquoise is a fabulous shade for spring, making it an ideal colour for picnicware. This Ekobo bowl featured in this month’s Marie Claire and has been handmade in Vietnam from bamboo. LSA International - LINEN SS14 (Medium) When creating eye-catching floral arrangements and centrepieces make sure to always consider the vessel itself. This Linen vase from LSA features an indigo pattern reminiscent of the material it is named after and also appeared in Ideal Home. What blue hues have you spotted for the home?

Add Pops of Colour to Your Home

Sometimes, all a neutral or plain room needs to come alive is a little burst of colour, and there’s no need to bring out the paint cans either. Colourful cushions, throws and furniture can all be integrated into your space to make it more bright and cheerful.


These cushions, bags and platters from Bluebellgrey all have a pure neutral background, but the floral patterns are bright and bold and would look fantastic against a neutral sofa. The little pompoms are a cute touch, too.


Don’t forget your other rooms, too. Treat your kitchen to an overhaul just by changing your kitchenware. These fabulous bowls and utensils from Ekobo are all made from bamboo and are hand crafted in Vietnam, and they all have gloriously bright finishes too. Why not fill the bowls with colourful fruit and veg?

TAJ Wood & Sherer

We can guarantee your kids love colour too, so why not change up their lampshade and give them something from TAJ Wood & Scherer? This wonderful, creative lampshade imitates a colourful light house and will surely make them feel safe in the dark. There are numerous other exquisite creations too, meaning you’ll definitely find something your children will adore.

Do you think colour is an important part of life? How do you add colour to your home? 

This Summer’s Must Have Picnic Accessories

With the weather finally perking up a bit, it’s time to indulge in some luxurious picnic products to ensure you make the most of the sunshine. Cater to your hungry family’s needs on a day out in style with this stylish picnicware.

Anorak are renowned for their quirky tiled patterns and this seagull printed picnic blanket is no different. Measuring 35cm x 12cm, the gorgeous soft cotton material has a water-resistant nylon back, meaning that you can lay out your picnic even if the grass is damp from the less-than-predictable British weather.

Delight your kids with the French Bull range from Jackie Shapiro. These adorable and shatterproof plates are available in four cute designs and you can also get matching cups and bowls, making the perfect royal set for any little princes and princesses.

For a more stylish and adult design, look to Nina Jarema’s folklore range.  This enamel mug has a fabulous mirrored tribal-like design with a duo of owls and the stainless steel rim makes it hardy- perfect for outdoor ventures.

It’s all very well having blankets and cups, but they’re no good if you haven’t got anything to store food in for your picnic. This Duomo Tomato Glossy XXL Decorative Bowl from Ekobo fixes that problem! Handcrafted in Vietnam with bamboo and food-safe varnish, this fabulously versatile bowl is great for holding that giant salad or yummy pasta dish and is available in green and white, too.

What’s your must have picnic product? 

Ekobo Handcrafted Home Accessories

We are delighted to introduce the exciting range of handcrafted home accessories from Ekobo to Amara. A French-based eco-friendly enterprise, Ekobo specialise in contemporary design and manufacture of hand-crafted home accessories, all made from the natural and renewable resource of bamboo.


Since its inception in 2003, Ekobo has been combining modern aesthetics with local craftsmanship to sustain rural communities in Vietnam, while promoting bamboo as a socially and environmentally responsible material ideal for modern use. The company trades directly with bamboo villages and workshops, and as a result artisans receive higher wages, communication and quality control are simplified, relationships and collaboration are strengthened, production planning is more efficient, and high-quality standards are maintained.


Ekobo operates by funding 50% at the onset of production and distributes a balanced workload to qualified artisans year round. These artisans, which are not Ekobo employees, are paid at least twice the market average. Their goal is to maintain lasting relationships and a consistent production schedule throughout the year.

Bamboo was chosen as a material because it is one of the Earth’s most renewable resources. It is fast-growing, naturally regenerative woody grass which flourishes organically without pesticides, fertilisers or herbicides. It can be continuously harvested every three years without damaging the plant or the surrounding environment. Aside from its choice of bamboo, Ekobo minimises its impact on the environment by favouring handmade products which also reduces carbon emissions.

With Ekobo ecology meets design and tradition meets modernity to bring you beautiful dinnerware with a difference. To view the full range including bowls, knife blocks, storage, bathroom accessories and utensils head to Amara today, and mix & match the vibrant colours to find your perfect style.