Summer Garden Party Must Haves

When the sun does decide to come out we have to make the most of it. This summer one of the best ways to enjoy the sunshine is to throw a garden party and invite your friends and family over for some good old fashioned fun in the sun…

Make sure you have the barbecue fired up and ready to go. Barbecued food just tastes better, even if it does get a little burnt! Give the head chef a hand with the ingenious tools BBQ set from Stelton. Minimalistic in style it includes a palette, pair of tongs & a fork, it also conveniently assembles to one unit when stored. Long handle means a secure distance to the heat from the BBQ.

Have plenty of seating ready for your guest to sit down and relax. A classic deck chair is perfect for luxurious lounging with vintage twist. These nautical style designs from Garden Trading feature beech and removable padded cushions, welcome additions to any garden.

Any party worth going to will continue after the sun has gone down so ensure you have suitable lighting. Tea-lights and outdoor suitable scented candles are great for creating an atmosphere but invest in some brighter outdoor lighting like this wall mounted version of the Greek-inspired Fishing Light by Garden Trading.

Don’t forget one of the most important elements to any party – the music! Save the arguments and stick on the radio, the R1 DAB/FM radio from Ruark is outdoor suitable when combined with a battery pack. Chooses the limited edition finish of Yellow (Pantone 109) high gloss lacquer for extra summer style points.

What are your top tips for throwing the perfect garden party?

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