Summer Cocktail Must Haves

Summer time means party time, and what’s a party without cocktails? Make sure your party is where everyone’s at by investing in super stylish cocktail accessories. No matter how good you Long Island Ice Tea or Mojito mixing skills are the best cocktails taste even better when served in style…


Create a signature punch and fill it full of fruit to make the perfect centre piece to any party. This punch bowl & ladle by LSA International is part beautifully handmade, and is the perfect way to serve lashings of Pimms or other fruit cups on a sunny afternoon.



Mixing a cocktail is a misunderstood art that needs all the help it can get so a must have for any cocktail fan is a good quality shaker. This Braiden Cocktail Shaker is modern and stylish in design, made from silver plated brass this it features a removable strainer and there is also enamel detail on the cap.


Serving a summer cocktail without ice is sacrilegious, use the Paul Smith Statement ice bucket for extra style points. It features innovation statements from the designer himself engraved into the black surface, a perfect conversation starter at any soiree.


Pour you delicious masterpieces into exquisite cocktail glasses for maximum effect and to add a real sense occasion to entertaining. This cocktail glass by LSA International is part of the joint best selling Jazz range. Mix it up with these handmade, mouth-blown cocktail glasses, featuring stylish assorted hand-painted decors.

What are your top tips for creating the perfect summer cocktail?

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