Style Guide – Texture

When decorating your home & creating a lasting personalised style don’t just concentrate on pattern and colour, texture is another important feature to consider. Using texture in home accessories is a great way to add definition to different areas of your living space or to accentuate a particular piece of furniture.

Quilting can add a three dimensional effect and is often available in several textures, a quilted bedspread can instantly update a tired or dull looking bed.  Cushions in different materials, for example silk and cotton, can be layered together to give a modern twist.

Faux fur is a fabulous material to be used for soft furnishings; from cushions to rugs a faux fur texture will add warmth and cosiness to any interior. A textured rug will offset a room and bring the style together, make sure you keep colours and patterns coordinating as you add different textures.


The easiest way to add textured style to your home is by investing in a throw or blanket that features more than one texture. Soft furnishings that feature finishing details such as fringing, tassels or beadwork & appliqué will also give a textured feel to your home.

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