Scraplights by Graypants

Graypants have ingeniously found a way to breathe a new life into once lifeless materials, turning scrap cardboard into beautifully modern lighting. Giving a facelift to the idea of what a box is and what it can be they have created a stunning range of lights that are both environmentally friendly and forward thinking in design.


Founded in 2008, Graypants is the brain child of American friends Seth and Jon who first met as roommates in architecture school. By simply using discarded corrugated cardboard boxes from local businesses in Seattle they have developed the innovative and stylish range of Scraplights.


Graypants now serves as an innovative model for what is possible when designers return to using their hands, think responsibly and craft outside the lines. Their design studio has quickly grown to operate teams in Seattle and Amsterdam and they ensure Scraplights are environmentally and socially responsible every step of the way.


The ethical production of their lights is just as important to them as is locally sourcing all of the materials. Graypants collaborates with social work programs in Holland to employ workers in their facilities. Individuals with disabilities are able to learn about recycling while developing a skill working with their hands.

Graypants strongly believe in responsible design, responsible materials and responsible production. Explore the Scraplight collection now available at Amara, which design is your favourite?

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