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We at Riedel UK have just had the pleasure of hosting Georg Riedel, the owner and 10th generation of the family. During his time here we conducted 2 workshops looking at the perfect glass for English sparkling wine down at Hush Heath in Kent and also for Bacchus, the traditional English grape variety, down at Camel Valley in Cornwall.

Camel Valley in Cornwall


These were fascinating workshops with some interesting results which we will publish soon with experts from various areas of the wine industry being involved. We then spent 2 days in London at the famous Vinopolis wine tour where we conducted 2 consumer tastings for 250 people each night. These are always interesting and fun events where we are able to involve and educate Riedel enthusiasts and sceptics alike into how they can enjoy and get the most from their bottle of wine, and the responses we get at the end are always great to hear and make the hard work over the week all worthwhile.

It’s a great week but a long week, but it just goes to show how much interest there is out there for information on how people can enjoy their wine more and we at Riedel glassware are helping to play our part.

For more information on Riedel’s rich history visit their website here and for the latest news follow them on twitter – @RiedelUK.

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  • As long as it’s not the wretched little Paris goblet, that hideous little tennis ball of a glass condemned by George Reidel himself as “the enemy of wine”. A glass too thick and too small to enhance the flavour, too shallow and open to enhance the bouquet, and too mimsy to suggest generosity.

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