Perfect Home Interview: Tiffany Grant-Riley


Tiffany Grant-Riley is a props and interiors stylist based in Rochester, Kent, where she writes her interior style blog Curate & Display. A former wedding planner and event stylist, Tiffany made a bold decision two years ago to pack up her business of seven years to concentrate on a new profession which was styling for editorial publications. A stickler for classic design, she loves mid-century style, the mediterranean lifestyle and Dutch houses, we find out what her perfect home would be like…

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Italy. No question. Particularly just outside the Tuscan town of Lucca somewhere in the hills. We fell in love with the country almost ten years ago now and still have ideas of relocating there one day. The idea of living alongside all of that incredible history and architecture – and ice cream – it feels like home.

Name one homeware accessory that you can’t live without?

My plants. They’re a fairly recent addition to our home but I love them almost as much as my children and I love watching them grow. Our house is quite boxy so they soften the edges, look beautiful against crisp white walls and breathe life into what was quite a cold looking space. My favourites are Marvin (Gaye) the rubber plant and Tammi (Terrell) the monstera – I name them all after soul and jazz singers!

If you could decorate your home in any trend, what would it be?

I don’t like to cling too closely to trends and I think that often the kind of house you’re in ultimately determines what will work. That said, I love pure, bright Scandinavian style mixed with mid-century furniture and bohemian textiles like hammam throws & Ikat rugs. Rather complicated to conjure in your mind but it’s a warmly simplistic look.

To you, what makes a home perfect?

Apart from the old cliche (the people in it) I think a perfect home is all about creating a space to suit your lifestyle and surrounding yourself with the things that you love-be it a vintage rug you picked up from a flea market on holiday or a gallery wall full of family photos. Anything that is just “you” and tells a little of your history.

Tell us more about the dream home you found?

This was so difficult, like trying to name your favourite song. I’m always drawn to dining spaces and kitchens. Perhaps it’s my love of cooking or because I believe the kitchen is the heart of the home, but this image really spoke to me because I could imagine having long family meals around this table. I love the simple, rustic feel of the sandblasted brick walls combined with the modern industrial furniture and concrete flooring. And the light! So much light! If I could pick this up and drop it into the Tuscan hills, then I’m made.

Photo credit: Pascal François Architects 

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