Perfect Home Interview: Natalia Jane

When growing up, Natalia was very fond of art & design, from this she decided to invest in an education which would focus primarily on these two loves. After studying interior design at KLC School of Design, she is now setting up her own design practice along with the creation of a soft furnishing brand. Through her blog Fleur de Londres, Natalia is able to bring her passion for writing, design and fashion all together. Greatly inspired by different cultures and how colour and design affects people from different parts of the world, she tells us what it would be like inside her perfect home…


If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

I have always been very fond of Provence in southeastern France. I first set eyes on this beautiful landscape over 10 years ago and have made many regular visits since.  It’s beautifully rustic and full of pretty charm, wonderful scenery and architecture.

Name one homeware accessory that you can’t live without?

Every home needs cushions and I have carefully selected cushions in my living room and in the bedrooms. I think they are a great accessory to use in the home as they can provide warmth, character and can complement an accent colour in such rooms. Soft furnishings and fabrics can accessorise any space fabulously whilst creating an inviting ambiance. Candles are also an accessory I like to be generous with.

If you could decorate your home in any trend, what would it be?

Where I live (countryside or city) would considerably affect the way I would decorate my home. I personally am very fond of neutral feminine hues and painted vintage furniture, vintage glamour is definitely a trend I love.

To you, what makes a home perfect?

Home is where the heart is, so to me, what makes a perfect home is who you share it with. A home is the combined balance between family, a great air flow and ambiance in every room and great use of the kitchen.

Tell us about the photo of your dream house.

This room perfectly describes vintage glamour. The black and the velvet texture infuses the glamour into the room beautifully complementing the chandelier. this would look fabulous with vintage side tables and furniture.

Credit: Tumblr

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