Perfect Home Interview: Joanna Thornhill

Interiors stylist, writer and author, Joanna Thornhill produce articles, shopping pages and photoshoots for magazines, websites and commercial clients. Focussing on all around interiors, lifestyle, still life, crafts & makes and broadcast & events she’s also just released her first book, Home for Now: Making your Rented Space or First House Beautiful. We catch her for five minutes of her busy life to find out what her perfect home would be like…


If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

I do love living in London and much as I’d love to say some rural idyll, I think I’d get bored pretty quickly! I guess of all the places I’ve seen friends move to and been most jealous of, it would have to be New York – I think it’d be an amazing place to call home, certainly for a few years at least (and on a giant salary, so I could afford to live in an amazing apartment and explore the city in style!)

Name one homeware accessory that you can’t live without

Much to my boyfriend’s dismay, I do love a cushion – they just finish off a room so nicely! I have a whole bag of ‘spares’ in the loft and do occasional rotations, as there’s not enough furniture to have them all out at once!

If you could decorate your home in any trend, what would it be?

I prefer a more casual, mix-and-match look than completely following a single trend, but I’m hoping to redecorate my kitchen and dining room next and am really keen to bring in some industrial touches: I want to strip the plaster off the chimney breast and restore the bare bricks, and bring some industrial lighting into the space, and if I can actually afford to do the extension I’ve set my heart on, I’m keen to save as much of the detail of the existing structure as possible, to juxtapose the old and new.

To you, what makes a home perfect?

Horribly corny, but ultimately it’s who you live in it with, which for me is my lovely partner Paul. Plus, I think there’s a real satisfaction in the sheer act of creating the space yourself – our home has a long way to go and certainly isn’t perfect, but it’s hugely satisfying to see the improvements we’re making and we love it, warts and all!

Tell us about the photo of your dream home.

I saw some amazing places when I was shooting my book, Home for Now. It’s hard to pick a favourite as there were so many things I loved about each of them, but ultimately I think I’d have to say the home of Ninette Bahne in Finland, who blogs at What she may lack in funds she more than makes up for in creativity, and her cosy family home is absolutely bursting with quirky, ingenious ideas, like this wall covered in Clipper Tea packaging.

Credits- Home for Now by Joanna Thornhill for Cico Books; photograph by James Gardiner


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  • Alina Apr 17   Reply →

    Hiya, I agree with so much of your comments! I love cushions too and totally agree that the home is made by the people that you live with. I think it’s very difficult to decide on a dream home because each one can have their own personal stamp – but there is no way you can mix those styles together to make one perfect one so you always have to make that difficult choice!

    • Emilyb Apr 22   Reply →

      Good morning Alina,

      Thank you for your lovely comment, we hope you enjoyed the Perfect Home survey!

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