Opale Fragrance Diffuser by Linari

Add a touch of glamour to your living space with the fabulous Opale fragrance diffuser by Linari. Part of the Diamond Line collection of room fragrances it has been created exclusively by some of the world’s top perfumers. Encased in the ultimate eye-catching bottle, this fragrance diffuser is extravagantly embellished with a decorative three-dimensional structure that reflects the light in different directions like a polished diamond’s facets.

Opale Diffuser – 500ml by Linari

The aroma itself is an opulent fruity bouquet of fresh lime, tangerine, lemon and cassis, accompanied by green tea leaves and aromatic plum. The base note surprises with guaic and musky and woody accords. A beautiful perfume that is suitable for any living space from a sitting room to a bedroom.

In beautiful packaging, a high quality, shiny surface box with a three-dimensional finish, this fragrance diffuser makes a wonderful luxury gift for an occasion. A wide range of luxurious Linari fragrance diffusers are available at Amara, making it is easy to find the right scent and style for you & your home.

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