Meet 2018’s Events Committee!

With a new year brings a new events committee and today we find out who team Amara chose to be a part of the coveted committee! From arranging charity events and bake sales to Christmas party, the Events Committee carefully plan each event (in sworn secrecy!) and of course throw in a few surprises to delight the team.


Each nominee was asked to tell team Amara why they wanted to be a part of 2018’s Events Committee and were then voted in. After the votes were verified, HR Manager Rachel announced the lucky winners Amy, Ellie, Grace, Hannah W, Ollie, Rachel, Rebecca B & Rob. Fresh from their first committee meeting, we catch up with the newly formed team and find out what they’re looking forward to this year…


Image courtesy of Brook Lark


Amy Bennett – Facilities Manager



I have only recently joined Amara, and I can’t wait to get involved in a year of social and event planning! I am most looking forward to getting to know everyone more, and planning events for Charity’s that are close to staff members hearts.



Ellie Bailey Jones – Customer Services Advisor

I really wanted to be on the social committee I didn’t get the opportunity to be part running a society due to my busy course, so I thought this would be a brilliant opportunity to organise social events for my first proper role. It was really nice to be chosen, especially as I am still a relatively new member and I’m really looking forward to all the events we’ll be planning this year, especially the summer party.



Grace Hatchman – Senior Graphics Designer


I absolutely love having the opportunity to shape the events that everyone experiences during their time at Amara. Joining forces with members from other departments to create exciting parties, charity events and days out is a great experience – Of course, it’s made even better when you see the smiles on your colleagues’ faces when they’re love an event that you’ve helped plan!
I can’t wait to work on our Wellbeing programme for 2018. After the huge success of our Wellbeing100 scheme last year, we’re hoping to encourage our peers to incorporate more exercise, mindfulness and stress-busting habits into their lives for 2018. With a main focus on mental health, it’s looking to be such a great campaign for everyone to get involved in!



Hannah Whalley – Community Assistant


After my first year at Amara at the end of 2017, I wanted to make it my new year’s resolution to join the Events Committee. I was over the moon to be voted onto the committee by the Amara team and I’m excited to get planning for the year ahead. I’d say I’m most looking forward to planning the summer and Christmas parties but also thinking of fun ideas for every other event in between too.



Oliver Radwell – Senior Web Developer



I think the amount of social events we have is one of the best perks of working at Amara. I’m very happy I’ll be able to influence how the events are planned.



Rachel Hart – HR Manager


I think we have a great committee this year and following our first meeting, I can already tell that they’re going to do a great job organising all of the staff and charity events in 2018! A high standard of events organisation has been set by previous committees but I have no doubt that this committee will continue this trend as they already have loads of brilliant ideas.

Every year I look forward to helping to organise the Christmas party, so I can’t wait to see their ideas for this year. My favourite part is trying to think of the little touches that will make a big difference!



Rebecca Baines – Purchase Ledger Clerk


I wanted to Apply to be part of Amara’s committee as it is something which I have wanted to do for a while, I like to be part of the organizing and seeing everyone enjoy themselves as the end result, I cannot wait to see what 2018’s events are going to hold!

I was super pleased when I found out I was chosen to be on the committee and everyone knew as I have the biggest smile on my face and couldn’t wait to tell everyone and start planning, I even bought myself a new diary!

We had our first meeting the other week and it just got a whole more exciting knowing what we have got to plan for 2018! There is so much fit into the year but 2018 is going to be the most fun and exciting for Amara.

There’s so much I am looking forward with regards to the year and all of the event planning, we have so many ideas and a great team. The One thing I am looking forward to is the Amara Soap Box and the Summer Party, there is so many I can’t choose! I just cannot wait to get everyone together for yet another amazing event at Amara.



Rob Longmate – Digital Marketing Executive 


I’ve always been a big fan of social events within Amara from being sprung into the Christmas party within week 2. As my time progressed, I’ve always been keen to play a further part or help a hand within these events, so when the opportunity came to put myself up for place in office, It was a no-brainer to apply.


Being on the side that executes the surprise that gets everyone talking is one thing that going to be both challenging, but I imagine equally rewarding if done right! (no pressure right?).  I’d say looking the get that reaction and success is the main reason for applying and wanted to be part of the committee : give the people what they want.


The added pressure of making sure there’s some kind of spin for the guys at Amara is another thing I’m keen to try and bring to the table which is something that is a hard sell with a majority female workforce, but I think it’s part of the fun and challenge! (#letsgetanotherpingpongtable)



We can’t wait to find out what 2018’s Events Committee has planned for team Amara! First event: Pancake Day!


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