Lunch Time Activities: Country Walks

Although we’re waiting for spring to start a few members of the team have been getting out of the office at lunchtime to stretch their legs and enjoy the outdoors with some country walks. We catch up with Community Manager Marie and Digital Projects Coordinator Sophia and find out why they’re braving the weather and how it’s improving their day to day life….




When it’s warmer we all find it much easier to connect with nature and get outdoors. In the winter months it’s a lot harder to get the motivation to cycle to work or go out running in the morning or evening when it’s pitch-black and freezing cold. Our lunchtime walks are a great way to get in some much-needed exercise, sunlight, and a great endorphin boost. Even though it might seem a bit mad to go out in the middle of winter for a walk, there are some amazing natural sights we’ve seen so far! We often spot buzzards and red kites circling the fields for any little mice that aren’t in hibernation, and we’ve seen early crocuses and wild flowers. Nothing beats a wander up the hill in Great Notley Country park on a bright, sunny winter’s day!



I have a bit of a reputation for leading Sophia and Alina through some pretty interesting terrain. We have found some fabulous footpaths that meander their way around the fields. We always make sure we stick to them, and we’re always on the lookout for any more! We’d love anyone else that’s keen to come along and walk with us. You’ll definitely need some waterproofing; a jacket and some good sturdy wellies (waterproof trousers are recommended but not essential. I have them at the back of my car just in case for all eventualities).






Lunchtime walking started as part of the 100 Days Wellness challenge last year, after the challenge finished I tried to keep walking as it is a great time to clear your mind and keep active which during the winter months can be difficult. Myself and Marie started regularly lunchtime walking at the start of this year and try to go out 2 -3 times a week and despite the mud have a great time. We tend to spend most of the time catching up and quite often end up hysterically laughing! We have discovered some good routes around Amara just across the local fields.



Our favourite at the moment heading out towards Felsted Vineyards which is around a 45 minute circular route, this one takes you through some farmers fields and past some cheeky donkeys who have become quite fond of us! Another of our favourites is from Amara to Great Notley Country Park up over the hill and back which takes around 40 minutes, the last time we did that walk on a very grey misty day we were treated to seeing some deer which was amazing and definitely brighten the day! We definitely like to explore though while we are out which has led us to discover some great paths or on one particular adventure paddling through a stream to get back!



The reason I go out at lunchtime to walk is I find the break really beneficial for concentration in the afternoon but also the fresh air just makes you feel so much better! Come and join but bring wellies!




It seems like Marie & Sophia are loving their country walks at lunch time! How do you spend your lunch breaks?


Sophia, Marie & Alina

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