Lily joins Amara for work experience!

Recently we’ve had Lily join Amara for 2 weeks of work experience. We caught up with her to see how she was finding her first few days!

What year are you at school and what are you studying? 

I am currently in Year 10 studying English, Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Dance, Media Studies, P.E and Geography.


Do you have an idea what you would like to do now? 

I know that I’ve always wanted to do something creative like something to do with media or music. I think Amara has let me see the options that are available and so far, I’ve seemed to of taken an interest in Interior Design and designing different rooms with whacky colours and patterns.


What sort of things have you been up to so far at Amara? 

I’ve only be here for 3 days so far so I’ve only had the chance to do Interior Design and Copywriting. In interior design I helped create different designs for a child’s room for a customer. We chose a wallpaper and then cushions, rugs and throws that match it. We ended up creating 4 different boards. I also had the chance to design my own bedroom and got to choose the different materials, wallpaper and colour scheme. At copywriting I have been writing about Ted Baker‘s and Radley London’s different suitcases and describing what they’re like, what they’re made out of and a brief description on why you should buy it. I have also written a blog about the Amara sample sale and wrote out questions for an interview with Simon Legald.


What has been your favourite part? 

I still haven’t had the chance to discover the other parts of Amara but out of the two I have done, Interior Design has probably been my favourite. I like the creativity of it and being able to design whatever you want and designing rooms for other people. I think it’s also interesting how rooms are designed and how much time and thought goes into it.


How have you found the work routine? 

Hard. I’m not a morning person at all so waking up even earlier than normal is a struggle and the long days make me even more exhausted but hopefully I’ll get used to it because I’d probably have to wake up that early when I get a real job.

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