A Day In The Life Of SEO

Today we spent a little while in the SEO team. The team lead by Alina are here to ensure that Amara is optimised, tracking performance creating fantastic content and of course building relationships with the blogging community. The team give us the scoop on what goes on in the SEO team and discuss important topics such as Google algorithms and cat GIFs…



  • Describe your team in a nutshell.

Our noble leader Alina does a great job not just optimising our website, but optimising our team.  SEO Outreach Executive, Marie focuses on improving our online authority by organising events and working with influencers. Hannah, Ellen, and Abbie, our SEO assistants, do a great job liaising with bloggers, finding and fixing sub-optimal webpages, and tracking our website’s performance. The latest addition to the team, Josh, is going to be focusing on further improving our articles and inspiration boards in his role as SEO Content Executive. Under Alina’s direction our coordinated efforts ensure Amara’s webpages are fit to appear (and do appear) to the right people at the right time via inbound links from authoritative websites and search engines.


  • What does a typical day look like in the SEO team?

Between sharing shocking insights of what people are Googling, what influencers are posting, and what cats GIFs are ‘most smol and floofens’, the SEO team are busy scouring statistics, scanning our website, talking with influencers, and making web-optimised content.


The SEO Team for the 2017 Halloween Costume Competition


  • What is your favourite part being part of team SEO?

We have a dynamic of pooling our knowledge, listening to each other’s ideas, adopting them and evolving the way we work.


  • What three words describe team SEO the best?

“Anyone for coffee?”

  • Favourite part of Amara life?

We can’t remember the last week when we didn’t receive an email saying a colleague has left cake or snacks in the kitchen for everyone.




Amara’s SEO Team: Josh, Hannah, Ellen, Alina, Abbie & Marie

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