Kate Middleton Uses Neom Candle to Cure Morning Sickness

The Daily Mail have reported that the Duchess of Cambridge has been enjoying the benefits of Neom scented candles to overcome her morning sickness. Made with the oils of the rare South African Buchu plant the Contentment candle by Neom is said to be filling her Kensington Palace home with soothing aromas. Infusing the Royal residence the powerful scent, similar to blackcurrant, is said to be helping Kate to overcome waves of nausea.

Neom Organics Contentment spring 13 candle

Nicola Elliott Founder of Neom says: “Until now, we haven’t been able to offer a blackcurrant scent – usually it can only be created in a synthetic way. I’m thrilled we’ve uncovered the Buchu enabling us to offer our customers something unusual, exciting and natural.”

The fragrance of Contentment is also peppered with spicy nutmeg and warming ginger, providing the perfect comforting blend for times when you’re feeling tired or over-worked.


Neom has a wide celebrity following including Gwenyth Paltrow and Victoria Pendleton who both fully recommend the holistic benefits of the brand’s home fragrances. Every candle is organic, made from essentials oils & vegetable wax, and work as aromatherapeutic treatments. No paraffin wax, no synthetic scents and absolutely no fertilisers and pesticides or artificial chemicals are ever used.

GPThe Neom Contentment candle as used by Kate Middleton will be available at Amara soon.

What are your top tips for overcoming morning sickness?

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  • Tanya Feb 6   Reply →

    That probably would not have worked for me. Any smell made me sick when I was pregnant. I’m glad it works for her though.

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