Just Dropped: the Latest Arrivals in August

We take a look at the latest arrivals in August and admire them in all their beauty and majesty… What is your favourite newest piece?






The perfect sleeping environment is a few clicks away with HEFEL. Established in 1907, HEFEL is a family run business and are renowned for their unique innovations and first-class products of the highest quality all 100% made in Austria.



With beautiful weather comes sleepless nights, but with the Outlast duvet from HEFEL, you’ll get a comfortable slumber. Filled with a combination of goose down and Outlast® viscose, which was originally developed for NASA, this duvet ensures a better, more relaxing sleep with its temperature and moisture regulation that actively absorbs excess body heat, stores it and releases it again in a permanent comfort cycle.





Say goodbye to boring gardening accessories. Founded by Linda Brattlöf after feeling uninspired by her green garden hose, Garden Glory is perfect for those wanting to welcome luxury and style into their gardens.



No one is saying that you’re a gold digger, but these gloves do speak for themselves… Luxurious in style, these gloves combine style and practicality in a shining golden tone. Whether you’ll be pruning roses or trimming the hedge, do it in style.






Founded in 1856, Samobonet is recognised worldwide as the expert in its field and marries tradition with contemporary design to create a range of dinner and serveware with truly unique and timeless qualities.



If you’re looking to achieve #diningtablegoals then this Living serving spoon and fork set is for you. Picture perfect copper in colour and practical in every way. You’ll be serving up style in no time.




Monkeys, toucans and flamingos, oh my! Founded in Amsterdam in 1992, &Klevering create cheerful and fun home accessories and gifts to brighten up everyday life.



Try to peel your eyes away from this Banana bowl. We dare you. So playful, charming and a-peeling (we’re nearly done) you’ll say “thanks a bunch!” (Okay. We’re done now.) You’d be bananas to miss out. (Sorry)






Find stylish and unique home accessories from Stoned. Founded in 2014 by Derkan Atakan and John ter Riet in Amsterdam, Stoned’s goal is to design and create Marble Homeware that lasts a lifetime.



We’re still not over marble. This fun and functional board is triangle in shape and made from beautiful pink marble. If this won’t up your Instagram likes, nothing will.




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