Time To Bounce: Inflatable Racecourse Arrives At Amara HQ

For a final summer fling, the Social Committee arranged a special event. The snappily named “Super Fun Bounce Spinny Run Jump Slide Obstacle Mountain Course Day”. With an inflatable racecourse set up in the garden, volunteers were split into two teams and a line was drawn in the sand. We find out who was victorious and how the bouncing went…



Mental health, exercise and wellbeing is something close to the hearts of the social committee and Amara as a whole. So the team were keen to actively encourage everyone out of both their normal working days and lunchtimes and have some fun. Of course, Team Amara are a competitive bunch and love a good chance to go head to head.



After the inflatable racecourse was good to go, the teams were pulled together:

Team 1

Sophia O’Brien

Danny Baxter

Lotty Hood

Katie Harding

Team 2

Rob Longmate

Vicky Perera

Jake Ogilvie

Emily Laban

Team 3

Juliet Maycock

Harriet Gribble

Dave Bowcher

Jessie Ford-Robertson

Team 4

Amy Bennett

Aimee Connolly

Lisa Alborough

Jessica Moulsher

Team 5

Lauren Everett

Oliver Radwell

Sam Lyman

Karen Waddilove

Team 6

Jenny- May Roberts

Susie Waghorn

Nicola Ahmed

Rebecca Hummerstone

Team 7

Ally D’Angelo

Adam Boston

Lucy Desmond

Rebecca Baines

Team 8

Toni East

Phoebe May

Maralyn Bishop

Emily Bird

Each team battled it out against each other, with Facilities Manager Amy taking charge and keeping an eye out for any cheaters. After spinning four times or doing jumping jacks, each player raced through the course as fast as they could until a winner was found. With plenty of laughs, falls and (in some cases) dives down the slide, the team thoroughly enjoyed bouncing their way through the afternoon.


Facilities Manager Amy was on hand to keep the players in line


Finally, one team was crowned winners which was… Team 2! Meaning that Rob, Jake, Vicky & Emily as Amara’s finest gladiators. Congratulations Team 2! As well as being able to gloat all afternoon, each member of the team received a blender! We’re sure they’re being used to make smoothies and not oreo milkshakes.




We’re looking forward to next year already!



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