The Great Amara Catch Up With Laura From The Studio!

This week we head into Amara’s bustling studio and spend a few moments with Studio Production Coordinator Laura! In between snapping away for the Amara website, setting up lifestyle images and organising location shoots, it’s easy to get swept away in the studio! Laura tells us more about her role at Amara, her favourite moments and her dream to see the world!




  • What is your role and how long have you been at Amara?
    Studio Production Coordinator and it will be three years in December.


  • What was your first impression of the company when you walked through the door?
    Because it was an old chicken shed I didn’t expect it to look the way it did on the inside. Everyone also seemed really happy, friendly and very busy!


  • Favourite part of Amara life?
    The charity events that get arranged. Being part of the social committee as well, I love helping organise these events.


  • If you could work in any other team for a day, which would it be and why?
    Buying, I would love to go trades shows, meet the suppliers and choose the products that get sold on the website.


  • What is your most memorable Amara moment?
    My first Christmas Party. I had only been at Amara for around 2 weeks so it was a great chance to meet everyone properly.


  • If a genie gave you a wish what would you wish for?
    My one wish would be to see the world!



We had so much fun catching up with Laura in the busy studio (one of our favourite parts of Amara HQ) and you can find out plenty of more about Laura on her Meet the Team page.

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