The Great Amara Catch Up With Harriet!

This week we catch up with a true Amara veteran, Head of Digital Product Harriet! Having dedicated thirteen years to the cause, Harriet has seen Amara grow from a small but dedicated team and the Amara shop on Baddow Road in Chelmsford to taking over a chicken shed and expanding to over 80 members of staff! We can’t wait to hear some stories!




  • What is your role and how long have you been at Amara?

My current role is Head of Digital Product, I’ve been at Amara for 13 years at the end of Feb (!!) and in that time I’ve think I’ve officially had 6 different positions.


  • What was your first impression of the company when you walked through the door?

That’s a tricky one as it was so long ago! The business was a start-up then and very different to now, however it’s been an incredible achievement to have maintained the family feel which I have felt since the outset.   


  • Favourite part of Amara life?

Amara is like another family to me, so it’s probably the people and the events we get involved in together. Oh, and the snack shack!


  • If you could work in any other team for a day, which would it be and why?

If it’s just one day…. Buying. I’ve been lucky enough in the past to join Sam on some buying trips, even visiting Maison et Objet with her on a couple of occasions. In my role today I don’t see much of that side of the business and it’s exciting to get up close and hands on with the products. However I’m not sure my feet could handle more than a day or two at a show!  


  • What is your most memorable Amara moment?

I have a shocking memory, and there are so many to choose from. I’ll go for, moving 52,000 units to Delamode over a weekend, and playing office Olympics with Tom during the summer.


  • What couldn’t you live without and why?

People around me. I thrive on interaction with others, and when left to fend for myself for too long I tend to become demoralised and unmotivated.


  • If money was not a concern what would you do every day if you didn’t work?

I like to think that I would travel more, but not all the time as I love my home life. Between travelling to see more of the world, I’d like to give some time to charity, I don’t feel I’ve done enough of that in recent years. Oh, and as money is no object, I’d have horses which I can ride every day. To be honest, I think I would be easily fill my days at the stables and end up not travelling much!



We loved catching up with Harriet and finding out about her tenure at Amara. You find out more about Harriet on her Meet the Team page!

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