A Flipping Good Pancake Day at Amara!

As with tradition, every Pancake Day team Amara gather in the staff room to enjoy some delicious pancakes. Alongside the tasty treats, the social committee also arranged a pancake flipping competition where the team could battle it out for some fab prizes.



Between 12-2pm the team were welcome to make their way to the staff room to rustle themselves some delicious pancakes with their choice of toppings. From classic lemon and sugar to something more savoury, the team made a small donation to enjoy the pancakes with all proceeds going to charity.



The competition was closely monitored by the Events Committee who measured how many times the contestant could flip the pancake in 30 seconds. The competition was fierce, with flipping taking place in both Concord Farm and London (the Web Dev team can’t miss out on the fun!) and after a lengthy battle two winners were announced…


Concord Farm РPhoto Studio Manager Sue Foley with 34 flips!

London РHead of Web Development Ross Motley with 45 flips!


Sue & Ross each won a fun t shirt (pictured below) and a £10.00 voucher for a dessert of their choice.




A fun afternoon was had by all and a great amount was raised for charity – although we’re sure there may have been a few stomach aches after the copious amounts of pancakes consumed!




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