Enchanting Accessories for Children’s Bedrooms

Fill your child’s bedroom with delightfully enchanting designs from Taj Wood & Scherer. Christine Scherer, a German designer and Roger Wood, an American businessman, established the company in 1999 with the ambition to create ‘fashion for the home’. They offer beautiful, bold designs that children and adults alike will adore and treasure.

Taj Wood & Scherer are renowned for their exquisitely detailed lampshades, and this Heart to Heart House lampshade is one of their most stunning designs to behold. A piece of art that will captivate any child’s imagination, it features a pretty house shaped design with patchworked fabric, floral embellishments & colourful beadwork all with incredible attention to detail.


This Karina Russian Doll set has been crafted from eucalyptus wood and hand-painted by artisans in India. Included are four pretty Russian dolls each hiding a further four inside. A charming addition to any child’s bedroom or playroom this set is presented in a purple git box and makes a wonderful present for any occasion.


Perfect for decorative as well as practical purposes these Allegra baskets are sure to add colour and unique style wherever they are placed. Available as a set of three or as a single basket they are made from seagrass and covered in pretty floral fabric, a great addition to any living space.


Bring a touch of the outside into your child’s bedroom with this Garden lampshade from Taj Wood & Scherer. Sure to create smiles this pretty design has been hand-painted so it may have small imperfections, but they stand for a charming and boundlessly authentic style.

Taj Wood & Scherer products are handmade by artisans who are committed to their crafts. They work under good working conditions and are paid a fair wage, putting their heart & pride into making a quality product.

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