Emily’s National Lottery Anniversary Run Diary – Part 2

With just a few days to go before the race, our very last running diary is revisiting Emily to see how she is spending her last week before the big day on Sunday…

Since my first running blog some weeks ago, my training has taken a dive for the worst. However, my overall health and fitness has improved. I have decided to take on a strict health regime as far as my food goes, which has made me feel much fitter mentally and physically when I have been able to attend the gym or go for a run.

Generally I tend to yo-yo with fitness, some weeks I have bursts of energy and am able to do many fitness activities, then the next week I like to take a break from it all. Recently I have just been away to Spain and have been keeping fit out there too…despite sipping on a few cocktails! I have managed to do a couple of spinning classes (this is new to me and I loved it!) my mum and I also tried the insanity workout, which was very tough, though I do recommend it. There is something very rewarding about an extreme cardio workout, it really helps build stamina.


Now it’s just a few days to go and I have received my number and t-shirt through the post, I am really looking forward to the experience of running through the Olympic Stadium. Let’s hope we all beat our personal bests as it’s not the race we are going in for, we are running as a team!

All that is left to say now is good luck to the Team for Sunday and we hope you have enjoyed their diaries! Stay tuned next week for news of the event.

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