Cire Trudon London boutique opening

The oldest and most prestigious candle maker in France, Cire Trudon, is set to open a new boutique in London’s Chiltern Street. It will be second only to their Paris boutique and will be tucked behind the Wallace Collection at 36 Chiltern Street, London W1. Cire Trudon are specialist in wax producing and have a huge clientele, which has included Louis XIV, Napoleon, and Marie Antoinette whose palace- and subsequent jail cell- were both lit by their candles.

Mary Antoinette’s orders can still be seen in the Cire Trudon archives with the last one dated about two weeks before her execution. In her memory the company today produces a wax statue of her bust and a scented candle inspired by her garden at the Palace of Versailles. To create the scent for the Trianon candle Cire Trudon borrowed the palace gardener’s notebook from the museum of Versailles, and noted down all the flowers he planted- jacinth, roses and wild herbs – in the Trianon gardens after the queen ordered them to be redesigned.


Cire Trudon – prestigious luxury candles & wax busts



The new boutique will be styled as an old curiosity style shop, with vintage wallpaper, dusty furniture and a cabinet of curiosities with candle paraphernalia such as snuffers and candle moulds. ‘It’ll be Dickensian and a little bit dark,’ Christopher Yu the Cire Trudon managing director recently explained to Portman magazine. He will be overseeing the new boutique which is set to open today- 3rd Ocotber.

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