A Very Amara Christmas With The Studio Team!

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree,

Have a happy holiday,

The Studio team dancin’ merrily,

In the new old-fashioned way,


  • How does your team embrace the spirit of the season in the office?

We get into the spirit by getting involved in desk decorating, making Christmas jumpers for this year competition and even buying advent calendars for our dogs.


  • Opening Christmas presents on Christmas Eve. So wrong or so right?

We are split as team on this one. Some of us are used to the tradition of opening our presents on Christmas but a couple in a team have Eastern European traditions in their family as part of their Christmas so they can enjoy festivities from Christmas Eve.


  • Are you a pro present wrapper or do you fail miserably?

We like to think we are pros but others might say differently when their presents are just covered in Sellotape.


  • What’s better: dinner or leftovers?

We can’t decide on this one, we just like food.


  • Fondest memory since last Christmas?

Our fondest memory would have to be the Amara fest. Complete opposite to Christmas as it was in the summer but we all had so much fun!


  • Favourite thing about this time of year?

We don’t have one particular favourite thing about this time of year but we have decided on three. Giving presents, time off and food.

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