Chilewich at the London Olympics

Chilewich was selected as a design partner of the iconic ‘Oakley Safehouse’ at the London Olympics. Providing a unique environment for the athletes to escape and relax since 1996, this summer saw Oakley create their Safehouse at the acclaimed Design Museum in London.

 Chilewich was chosen to be the exclusive tabletop and flooring partner for the design project which welcomed over 600 athletes during the Games. Encompassing two floors of the Design Museum, the Safehouse featured a full-service restaurant on the first level and a lounge on the second level, incorporating multiple viewing areas, a coffee bar, refreshments bar and more.

Director of Performance Sports Marketing, Cuan Petersen selected Chilewich as a preferred partner for their design project in London; ‘I’m a big fan of their design and was so excited to see Chilewich’s new tile flooring solution, BioFelt.’

Chilewich’s brand new BioFelt tile system is reusable, so it was both environmentally conscious and cost efficient. Introduced for the first time in June, this was the first commercial installation of the product anywhere in the world.


Joe Sultan, Chilewich CE, explains; ‘BioFelt is the most exciting tile backing system  we’ve ever developed and we are delighted to have the opportunity to install it in such a prominent, design-orientate space.’

In addition to the innovative floor tiles, Oakley also chose eight custom size rugs for the lounge area and over 350  tabletop designs for the restaurant area. Placemats, runners, napkins and more in a variety of colours and styles were rotated throughout the days to create a fresh look and feel for each meal service.

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