Celebrating Midsummer with Skagerak!

Last week, Amara was invited by modern Scandinavian brand Skagerak to celebrate midsummer in a traditional Scandi way. Not able to resist, Junior Copywriter Megan made her way to the Skandium Townhouse to enjoy a warm evening of cocktails, chat and flower crowns! We take a look at what Megan got up to!


The beautiful Skandium store!



Arriving in South Kensington, Megan made her way to the Skagerak Townhouse to be greeted with their modern Scandi style and a Nordic mojito (it’s the dill schnapps that makes it Nordic!)


Nordic mojitos by Snap & Rye



A family-owned company with historical roots in Scandinavian geography and proud furniture traditions, their passion for wood and focus on quality have remained intact. With a vision to produce furniture, mirrors and accessories which 



Skagerak’s owner Jesper Panduro then welcomed everyone to the event, informing the attendees that in Scandinavia during midsummer celebrations most people leave the hustle and bustle of the cities too enjoy the extra hours of daylight. Jesper also discussed Skagerak’s support of sustainable wood sourcing, their joining of the B Corp movement in 2016 and how they look for new ways to use their business as a force of good.


The party included bespoke flower crowns created by Bloom and Wild for everyone to enjoy. Although it was a quite a queue, Megan was determined to get her hands on her very own flower crown! Bloom and Wild asked guests to choose their own flowers before whipping them up thus ensuring that each crown was completely unique!


 Megan had a wonderful evening sampling the hors d’oeuvres, chatting with fellow lovers of all things Scandi and wore her flower crown the whole way home! Rumour has it she wore it all day in the office on Friday too…

Glade midtsommer!

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