The Great Amara Catch Up With Senior Web Developer Ollie!

Today, we spent a few moments catching up with Senior Web Developer Ollie! Based in our London Offices, it’s always a treat whenever Olly makes his way into the Essex Jungle and to Amara HQ. Ollie gives us the low-down on Amara life in the capital, what he gets up to daily and his impressive calculating skills…


  • What is your role and how long have you been at Amara?

I am a Senior Web Developer at Amara. I’ve been part of the staff for the last 2 years. For the 1.5 years before that I was working as a consultant. That makes a total of 3.5 years with Amara! At the beginning I was only adding features to the website. As the years passed I also took the role of managing feature deploys and the infrastructure that keeps our website running. I’m also proud to be the London representative of Amara Social Events Committee.


  • What was your first impression of the company when you walked through the door?

London offices? I joined a talented team of two. We’ve grown in size but I can still say that our team is exceptionally talented! Visiting the main office in Essex was quite a shock at first. So many people that depend on the features we develop and maintain. Receiving praises first hand was the best part by far.


  • Give us a brief run through of your typical day.

We start our day with a short meeting speaking about the tasks we’re currently working on. I put some features live, hoping they don’t cause any issues on the website. I also work on new features of the website and improvements to our infrastructure to keep our customers and back office users happy.


  • Best advice anyone has ever given you?

“It’s okay to fail”. When I remember this, it makes me less of a perfectionist and encourages me to take more risks. I think we should consider the chance of failure and the damage it will cause, before dismissing an opportunity.


  • What is your most memorable Amara moment?

The only time I’ve ever fainted was when I broke the Amara website whilst making changes to our database. My head slowly slid to the floor after I fixed the website. I thought I had caused a data loss by interrupting the process.


  • Do you have any hidden talents?

I can do calculations in my head in perfect conditions. I once did a 3-digit multiplication whilst lying in my bed. Distraction-free environments are hard to come by so mostly I have to estimate the answer quickly before I forget what I was calculating. Not trying to be modest but I have to say my estimates are not always close to the answer!


  • If a genie gave you a wish what would you wish for?

There’s way too much hate and selfishness in this world. My wish would be to replace some of that with love and kindness. Hopefully fewer powerful will choose to ignore the unfortunate then.


  • If you were stranded on a desert island what three things would you take with you?

Three is too few to live in a desert island long term so I’d try my best to get rescued. I’d take a satellite phone, a water purifier, and a can of baked beans. Water purifier and a can of baked beans should be enough for me to survive until the rescue that I requested, using the satellite phone, arrives.





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